Sena and OtterBox gearing up for iPhone 5 release

The big brand names in cases are getting ready for the iPhone 5.

With the iPhone 5 just days away from launch the case manufacturers are getting ready as well. The new iPhone 5 design might not have the same kind of frail back, as the iPhone 4/4S. There are still plenty of reasons to get a premium case for protection, style, grip or extra features. Two of the biggest in the business are getting ready, and this time they brought a lot of great cases straight away.

Sena is one of the premium leather case manufacturers in the world, and I have been reviewing their products for years. No less than 11 designs have been readied for pre-order at Mind you this is just the first batch, and a new set of cases will be revealed in the near future. For those who wants to save a buck or two Sena offers pre-order discounts now.

OtterBox is the brand that most people associate with rugged protection. For the iPhone 5 launch all four of their designs have been updated with slimmer profiles, and cool color combinations. If you are looking for the most durable protection that still allows for full functionality you can’t really go wrong with the Defender, or Commuter. Personally I am stocked to try the new Reflex series. is also open for pre-orders.

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