Score! Classic Goals review

Finally I get to use the skills I have honed the past couple of years playing Flick Kick Soccer .

Score! Classic Goals is one of the most innovative games I have ever played on my iPad, and yet it is so simple. I can’t really understand why it took so long for someone to release a game based upon real life goals from the last decades. Paired with almost perfect line-drawing mechanics this makes for a surprisingly addictive formula.

Your task is to recreate classic goals, or even improve them slightly. Each level gives you a layout over the ball movement. Some levels only feature a single kick, while most have pass patterns and then a final kick. The controls are all touch based, and are quite responsive. One thing I really like is the fact that you can curve the ball, and avoid defenders that way. There are some instances where the controls aren’t that good, and that is when trying to perform short passes. For some reason the game won’t really behave, as I want to and the passes turn up too short.

Each pass, and goal-scoring kick are measured as ok, good or excellent. Depending on how well you perform the scored goal is awarded with one to three stars in ordinary iOS fashion. If you score on your first attempt you also get an ace award for excellence. I am never clear on why one of my passes gets an excellent, or good rating. Stranger though is that even an ok pass can be defended by a defender.

The game is great playing on the amateur level where the power of the passes, and shots are automatic. Once you unlock the pro levels the game opens up even more, and shows a deeper mechanic. On professional you have to draw the correct power to succeed. It is really cool, and easier to understand why the ball behaves as it does.

One thing that kind has bummed me out about Score! is the fact that I only get to recreate the goals. I would have liked to find other solutions from the situations at hand. When I try to go outside the historic parameters the players just quit, and the game resets the situation. I can only hope for a future version with more freedom, or even better a turn based full-featured soccer game.

The presentation is all done in a newspaper style with clippings of your goals. If you are the least interested in soccer you will get a kick out of how well presented these classic goals are. Once the players move it looks quite good, but a bit stiff and lacking in detail when compared to newer Fifa, and PES titles. A commentator shouts encouragement, and one-liners not necessarily connected to the actual goal. The roar of the crowd is the only other source during the levels, and that is a shame because the menu music is quite good with a nice upbeat feeling to it. You can play your own music, and keep the commentator, which is great.

Score! Classic Goals is one of those games that I want everyone to try no matter if you are diehard soccer fan, or just a gamer. Sure those haters out there won’t like it, but I wouldn’t want them near this game either, as they would soil it with negativity. Score! shows what touch controls, and a brilliant idea can accomplish. Personally I am stuck in the 90ties when Sweden actually had a proper team, and now I can replay some of those glorious moments with Brolin.

Final Rating



Score! Classic Rating $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0
Seller: First Touch Publishing Ltd.

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