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There is a saying that ripping something off is a sincere form of showing your admiration to the original. There is also a saying that those who blatantly copy ideas will burn in a hot fiery place. No matter which stance you take it is easy to see the inspiration behind Save Yammi: Cut the Rope. In my opinion the inspiration is just that: inspiration. Save Yammi introduces a completely own take on the mechanics, and a fresh set of controls. It also fails to live up to the greatness of the original by a mile.

img_4396In Save Yammi you have to make sure that the cute octopus gets hit daily cookie. Someone has trapped the cookies in bubbles, and once you pop them the cookie starts following the laws of physics. Perhaps not always the correct laws of physics, but as I have never seen a cookie taking any courses in natural science that is only to be expected. To guide the cookie towards Yammi you can draw ropes on the playing field. These vanish after time, and you are free to use as much rope as there is available on the counter on top of the screen. Tilting the device affects the cookie massively, and it can even travel upwards on ropes and platforms. To me this gives the game a bit too much leeway, and there is not that much incentive to plan ahead properly. Compared to the obvious source of inspiration Save Yammi is more of an arcade experience than a meticulous execution of a plan that I loved about Cut the Rope.

Collecting stars is mandatory. Yammi refuses to eat the cookie unless you get the three yellow stars. There are also two red bonus stars on each level that you can get for extra points. Most of the time it is fairly easy to pick up the red ones on the way to the yellow ones.

Save Yammi comes with a massive amount of levels: 100. New obstacles, and features are introduced at a good pace. This keeps the gameplay quite fresh, as you get some difficulty spikes when new items are introduced. Once conquered something new enters the levels.

img_4366For some reason Save Yammi fails to hook me completely, and I end up quitting out after five to ten levels each time. It lacks something to really take it to that next level. There is still a lot of value to the game with hours of gameplay to be had.

The presentation is bright, functional and extremely similar to that of Cut the Rope. To those not too familiar with the two games it would be hard to see any real difference other than that Yammi is orange instead of green. The music is zany casual iOS music that I can’t distinguish from the competition. Still if isn’t too annoying, and you are free to play your own music instead.

Save Yammi is a good casual puzzle game well worth getting if you want to have a new spin on the “feed candy to an animal using ropes”. To me the ability to affect the cookie by tilting the device limited my enjoyment, and the need to plan ahead. Despite the fact that it failed to grab me it still provided me with hours of gametime, and that is what casual gaming is all about.

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Version: 1.1
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  • anon

    Fcking ripoff, that’s what it is