Save Toshi review

Save Toshi is basically tailored for me. I love Japanese popular culture, art and voice work. My favourite game for the Wii is Boom Blox where I get to throw balls at blocks. Now publisher Nitako has managed to mix these awesome ingredients into a fun, playable and unique physics puzzler for the iPhone and iPad. Of course the game is universal, a sign of good customer service.

img_3045Save Toshi is a game about passion, and dancing. Actually it is about life and death, as Toshi herself states “If I don’t dance, I die”. To help Toshi reach the dance floor you have to use physics, strategy and some good aim. Save Toshi is a 3D physics puzzler where you can pan around the level with simple swipes. To move Toshi there are a lot of different methods depending on the level. Level can generally be solved by only one method, but you can execute it below par number of balls thrown.

Save Toshi comes with 80 varied levels where you move Toshi by ice, removing blocks or by hitting her with big balls. Most of the time you have time to slowly make the adjustments needed to move her with as few throws as possible. At times levels demanding excellent timing shows up to keep you on your toes. The stars awarded for completing levels can be used to purchase level hints when stuck. I have not had to use any hints to complete the 80 levels with three stars, or even three+ stars. It gets addictive to catch that extra star for levels with a high par. For one to two par levels it is of course harder, and at times impossible.

img_3048The presentation is cheerful, lively and absolutely fantastic. I would like to have some higher definition to some of the surfaces, but that is just nitpicking. The sound effects, and one liners of Toshi are superb. You can also play your own music or podcasts while keeping the sound effects. The cute J-pop ambient disco soundtrack is otherwise a perfect match for the game.

With Openfeint, Facebook Connect and Twitter integration you have a lot of online connectivity options. The achievements are fun, but most of the time at least I managed to get them without knowing about them.

There is only one flaw to this game, and that is that at some point the game ends. Just like Cut the Rope there is little to do when you have maxed out all the stars for all the levels. I managed to thoroughly beat Save Toshi within four hours, but those four hours were a bliss of fun.

img_3051If you want to have a really fun game that takes the excellent gameplay of Boom Blox combined with a good physics engine you can’t go wrong with Save Toshi. It comes highly recommended, and with more levels it had been hard not to give it five stars. A level editor could also take it that extra step towards true awesomeness. Now lets go dancing.

Final Rating



Save Toshi $1.99 Universal Binary
Version: 1.1
Seller: Nitako / Mashak Eng

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  • djbigbyrd

    thanks for the review, great physics engine and quirky premise make this game a must own. Game has lots of potential to be a big hit, hopefully it will sell

  • Tuco

    Wow, this game is awesome,thanks! Just when Ive had it with Cut the Rope, here comes a new addiction:)

  • beatdown

    This game is just outstanding and pure fun!
    Cool graphics but yet very clean.