Save Them All review

All men assemble in the cafeteria, and all the girls on the roof. Let’s see which group we will save.

I am happy that I am not the chosen one, as my heart would give out due to all the running it seems to result in. The hero in Save Them All can run like at 100 metres dash tempo for several kilometres without breaking a sweat, or even feel an urge to change into a proper running attire. Nope, he runs in a trench coat, and jeans. That is bad ass, and I won’t even think about the burns he might get from fabric rubbing the insides of his thighs.

He keeps running anyway, and along the way he saves girls who seem to be the only ones worth saving. Being a man I can just agree to that. I would rather teleport beautiful women to safety than hairy blokes. In Save Them All you basically have to save about half of the population then.

Save Them All is basically a carbon copy of Canabalt when it comes to perspective, and physics. Even the birds taking off, as you run past them can be found here. There are some real differences though. For one Save Them All has a story mode that is the main mode alongside the endless mode. In story mode you get to unlock new information about what is going on, and why you are the chosen one. You also get three missions to complete in a Jetpack Joyride fashion. These aren’t that interesting though, and don’t really do anything other than give you some goals.

Another huge difference between Save Them All, and Canabalt is the fact that you get more abilities the more you play. From the start you have an action button that allows you to smash robots, and nukes if you do a ground stomp move. Later on you unlock extra flight, speed and other abilities affecting the gameplay. There are orbs to collect as well, and these are needed to perform special moves such as double jumping.

I found the controls to be a bit off at times, and especially when trying to combine the jump and action button. Most of the time they work. Be cautious though as it is easy to mistake the double jump for an ordinary move, and overuse it.

The presentation is not that good, as the hero can get kind of lost in the background. I seldom have a real view of him, but rather I know that he is somewhere at the left on the screen. Furthermore the orbs, and innocents combined with upwind winds swirls clutter the screen. The music is a driven techno soundtrack that suits the game, albeit being completely forgettable.

Save Them All has some neat ideas that at times become too ambitious. It tries to combine the arcade action running found in Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword, and the skill based patient running of Canabalt. When it works it is brilliant, but too often a cluttered screen with too much going on, and a hero that melts into the background hindering the brilliance. If you look for another endless runner definitely give Save Them All a try, but don’t expect something ground-breaking.

Final Rating


Save Them All $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0.6
Seller: Chillingo Ltd.

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