Saucelifter quick review

Those darn earthlings managed to disturb your peaceful alien mission, apparently the probes weren’t popular at all. Now it is up to you and your small flying saucer to rescue your kind and escape the hostile earth.
Your saucer can shoot downwards and horizontally depending on where on the screen you tap. Flying is controlled by tilt and works really well with working auto-calibration and different levels of sensitivity to choose from.
The game is about rescuing your friends and to do that you got to break them free from the bunkers where the humans have img_0047imprisoned them. To blast the bunkers open you have to fire horizontally which means you have to tilt your saucer to get the shots to go downward. It takes some practise to get the aim right as you risk shooting already free aliens milling about.

Your saucer extends landing legs when you go down to save your alien friends and you can take up to eight passengers. While loading up on passengers you are a sitting duck to tanks, planes and turrets meaning you have to clean up the area before attempting any rescue landing. When you have enough passengers you can bring them to the transporter to beam them home.

The more aliens you save the harder the human defences try to kill you. The tanks and turrets they try to stop you with initially are pushovers but when you get chased by planes, homing missiles and rapid fire you are in for a challenge. To further help you in your cause you have a radar at the bottom of the screen showing incoming attackers and that is really helpful giving you the opportunity to strike first.

There is no evolving story in this game and it never claims to have one. When you get killed and it is game over you get to the img_0056highscore table and this is the main area of the game that feels limited to me. Would have loved to have some sort of missions as well to feel a progression like you have in the somewhat similar game Chopper. Other than that this is a fun game worth playing over and over to improve your score.
It is good fun playing and to have tilt controls that actually works is a real blast.

Presentation & Graphics


Retro vector goodness with scrolling backgrounds mimicking the passage of time between day and night. Good explosions and effects. The screenshots does not make it justice, you have to see it in motion to really appreciate the graphics.



No music but you can play your own and have the sound effects as well, good. My tip is to have some Glenn Miller or other classic jazz or swing music from the fifties as it really works well with the theme of the game. Sound effects are great with gun fire and the sound of your saucer hovering about.



Fun, fun and yet more fun. The tilt controls are spot on and recalibrates when you pause/unpause. As the pace of the game intensifies so does the fun and I get really immersed into the saving of my alien compadres.



As a pick up and play game this is a good choice but just chasing local highscores is a bit limiting and hopefully the game gets more in future updates to keep you going.

Game Rating


Fun tilty retro graphical alien rescuing bonanza.
Saucelifter $1.99

Saucelifter Lite

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  • Rock $ Rolla

    Not my type of game


    i like games with old school graphics.