Samurai: Way of the Warrior review

I love the art style of cell shaded games, and when I saw that Samurai was done with cell shading I immediately got immersed in it. This game has a great story, illustrated in what I would describe as comic book paintings. It is beautifully rendered, and I found no framerate issues. The controls are simple, drag to move, and swipe up, down, left, and right to attack. different combinations of swipes do different combo movies, and swiping at the right time will dodge an opponent’s slash.Die, evil samurai!!!

The story in this game is told quite well, between the hack and slash gameplay and painted comic story in between levels, it keeps you going to see more. As you fight you will gain experience, which will in turn unlock more combos to use in your puree of enemy assailants. The more complex the combo the more damage it will do, and some slow down the camera a bit when you use them, which I found fun.

Along with the story mode, there is a Dojo mode, where you survive as long as possible against waves of samurai, using your combos and finger skills to live. There is little point to this mode other then to hone your skills, which I must say is quite enough reason for me to play in the dojo.


Samurai: Way of the Warrior is a very fun hack and slash beautiful art stylegame, but unfortunately, it can get a bit bland. the enemies all look the same, aside from their color, and once you figure out the timing, it is quite easy to best even a mob of assaulting samurai. I love the art style in both the comic panels and the game itself, and with a bit more tweaking to make the gameplay experience a bit more deep this could easily rate another star. At a mere $1.99 I would recomend it for sure, it will keep you quite entertained, and the bloody deaths of your foes is quite enjoyable.

Samurai: Way of the Warrior – $1.99

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  • Tim

    This is one of my favorites. Really stylish and just a joy to look at. The gameplay is pretty shallow, but solid and fun. And it really is satisfying to decapitate or cut those baddies in two!


    graphics do look good..

  • Silent Rocco

    Haha, I bet you got it, while it was free. That’s why the late review!! ;) For me this game is one of the best gems, the App Store has to offer! Beautiful, fantastic sound, great controls….a work of art.