Saga Catapult Review

Castle defense games have been around almost as long as the app store’s been open, and range through all diferent styles. There is the 2-D style such as Tap Defense, the side scrolling ones such as Knights Onrush and Stickwars, and then there is the 3-D side scrollers. Saga Catapult falls into the third catagory. In it, you are the final defensive catapult sanding in the way of hordes of onrushing orcs, tanks, and dragons and the citizens of your city. There is no castle door to break down, or wall to keep enforced. If you let someone through, people die, and it’s your fault.

One staple of Castle Defense games is upgrades. They are usually in the form of better weapons, repairs to your castle, or other random ways to make life hell for those trying to assault your home. This game follows suit with five diferent upgrades. You can boost your Firepower, increasing the damage caused per hit by 1, increase the refire rate, increase the explosion radius, gain the ability to curve your projectiles, or replenish your lost civilians.img_0501

The graphics in this game are great, the best I’ve seen in a castle defense game to date. While playing through on normal, hard, and through the bonus levels I never had a hicup in the graphics or any lag. There are a good array of enemies, from slow moving orcs to faster elves, to the flying zeplins. Targeting takes some practice, as the farther away you shoot, the longer it takes the projectile to reach. also, you’ve got to judge how far to shoot to hit the flying targets, as you can not just point in front of them. You must launch with the correct height or else your stone will sail right over it.

The sound in this game is pretty darn good. Background music is mideval and ambient, sound effects fit and unlike some other games, don’t detract from the game. Usually when I play games, I shut off the sound and listen to my music after checking to see how much work was put into the audio for the game. Unfortunately when I did this for this game, the sound was blocked out of the game. I can’t stand it when games do this.

Presentation & Graphics
Graphics are great, much better then many other castle defense games

Sound’s pretty great however points are lost for not letting you play your own music

I like this take on castle defense games. The tap targeting system usually works great, though occasionally it will register you tapping higher and thusly throwing your stone far into the distance

Once you beat the game, you unlock the bonus levels, which are pretty tough. There are a diverse array of enemies which keep the game fresh and interesting.

Game Rating


This game is a lot of fun, the style of upgrades and gameplay keep it fresh and enjoyable. at $1.99 it’s definately worth it. Before playing this game,  TapDefense was my favorite castle defense game. Saga Catapult has overshadowed it, due to it’s diferent style.

Saga Catapult $1.99

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  • iPhone App Reviewer

    3D + Fire + Capapults, should be fun…right?


    should be