RPG Alphadia 2 Review

How does this new addition to the Kemco JRPG library fare?

The titles of all Kemco games reveal their utilitarian nature. One certainly knows what to expect when the genre of a game is bolted on to its title, and “RPG Alphadia 2” is one such game.  Indeed, RPG Alphadia 2 is a stripped down Japanese role playing game, one of many in the Kemco library.

I don’t use the term stripped down to denote a lack of content, but I feel that ‘streamlined’ isn’t quite the right way to describe Alphadia 2 either. The game certainly has all of the elements of a JRPG included in a fast-playing and relatively inexpensive package, but it lacks a level of polish found in many other RPGs on the app store. The game’s animations are spartan, the sound effects grating, battle mechanics are nothing new, and just about every aspect of the game’s story feels ripped from the headlines of Final Fantasy 6. Yes, almost everything you would expect from a JRPG is here and largely functional, but there isn’t much special to engage the player.

I will say that Alphadia 2 is largely tailored to work well on the iPhone, with the exception of the game’s large d-pad that sends the player careening about the game world  much too rapidly. Battle commands are selected from a grid, and auto-battle options further ease the pain of the highly repetitive battles.

Alphadia 2 doesn’t do well at hiding the perversions that tend to put a damper on many games of this genre. One of the main characters is a large-breasted and largely exposed girl named “Milfy.” Now, her name could be a phonetic translation of a popular Japanese name that I am not aware of, but I certainly won’t be the one to Google ‘Japanese milfy’ to check. There will be many who don’t mind this, but I found myself angling the game away from other passengers on the train out of shame. There are plenty of Western games that objectify women, and that certainly isn’t OK, but Alphadia 2 is much more brazen about it and I found myself uncomfortable- especially with the fact that the Milfy character is made to look like a younger girl.

I can’t endorse Alphadia 2 to players, even JRPG enthusiasts. It feels like a ‘straight to VHS’ Super Nintendo game that trades openly on the objectification of one of the main characters. Maybe this sounds good to you, but I will direct everyone else towards the Final Fantasy games or Chrono Trigger.

Final Score: 


RPG Alphadia 2 is available for the opening sale price of $2.99 for iPhone (57% off).

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