Royal Trouble: Hidden Adventures review

A love that was not meant to be between royal bluebloods that can’t stand each other is the story of Royal Trouble: Hidden Adventures. Coming from G5, and having the word hidden in the title I immediately assumed it would be another hidden object game. Looking at screen shots can also give this impression, but actually the gameplay has more in common with escape the room games. Prince Nathaniel and Princess Loreen are separated early on, and have to escape their captivity. At first it is a lonely process, but soon their paths start to intersect. Items, and clues are moved between them using dumbwaiters, and doves. This gives the game a nice sense of progression, and coherence to why they are escaping.

The gameplay is quite straightforward, and has some hidden object aspects, some Myst-like puzzles and quite a lot of room escape mechanics. Finding keys, codes and objects to combine is the immediate focus of every new room, or location you enter. You get clues when tapping about, and most of the puzzles are fairly easy to figure out. At times you also have to time your actions when for example throwing a rock at a parrot to get a plank it sits on. At other times you get logical pattern puzzles, or mathematical calculations to figure out.

There is a timer for puzzles, and once it fills up you get the option to skip past the puzzle. There is also an extensive hint system allowing you to get solutions to some situations. Most of the time the game flows well without me getting stuck. Once stuck it is usually because I have missed an object needed for a combination of items.

The game is well presented with polished graphics, and stiff but suitable voice acting. Overall it is a pleasure to play, and a relaxed casual take on escape the room games. I would like to be able to choose language localization since it automatically went to Swedish texts. As the voices are still in English it is a tad disorienting. I would also like to have the achievements less intrusive, as they pop up wanting me to share on Facebook each time.

Royal Trouble: Hidden Adventures is a fresh game well worth trying out since the first rooms are free. If you find yourself hooked on the story, or gameplay you can unlock the full game using IAP. Recommended for fans of hidden object games, escape the room games and adventure games in general.

Final Rating


Royal Trouble: Hidden Adventures Free $4.99 IAP to unlock full version
Version: 1.0
Seller: G5 Entertainment AB

Royal Trouble: Hidden Adventures HD Free $6.99 IAP to unlock full version

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