Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Snooker review

Here in Sweden snooker is a small sport, as we tend to stick to pool that goes best with our beer. Upon reading Nigel’s review of International Snooker I felt an urge to learn how to play snooker. I learned how to play it, and found it really fun and challenging. When Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Snooker showed up in the App Store I felt inclined to dive deeper into the game of snooker.

Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Snooker is a good snooker game that plays really well. Aiming, and shooting is easy to get into. It is hard not to compare to International Snooker when it comes to gameplay, and I have to say that both titles play just as well.

img_0666There are some strange choices made when designing Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Snooker. The strangest thing about the game is how star Ronnie has been used, as he is used too much to say the least. I really like the introduction movie when Ronnie talks about the game of snooker, and how he has high hopes for you becoming a champion too. In quick game you play as Ronnie against Ronnie. It feels too strange for words really, it would be like a football game featuring David Beckham letting you only play with teams consisting of Beckhams. AI skill is based upon the age of Ronnie, as a child he is really easy to beat and as he gets more mature as a player his skill progresses. Anyway I find it too strange to play quick play using Ronnie versus Ronnie, feels like an episode of British comedy sci-fi series Red Dwarf where one of the main characters, Rimmer, was cloned and hung out with himself

img_0667Career mode is interesting as it lets you follow Ronnie through his fantastic career. You get thrown into the middle of matches at key moments, and you have to play well enough to beat the opposition. This is a really interesting way of creating a career mode for a sports title. As I don’t really know that much about Ronnie and snooker I found it really interesting to progress in his shoes.

For the most part though I have found myself playing the practise mode just to see how good breaks I can achieve.

There is online multiplayer, and depending on sales of the game this might be a really strong online game. Snooker is most fun played against other human opponents.

img_0669In the end I think Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Snooker is a competent snooker game that I found plays just as well as International Snooker. Still I think that given the choice it is recommended to start out with International Snooker if you are new to the sport on the iPhone. Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Snooker is recommended to fans of Ronnie, and those who want to have a different kind of career mode to play.

Presentation and graphics

Nicely presented realistic snooker action. A bit murky, and dark at times but overall a really polished game.


Elevator muzak feel to the music that sends me into utter boredom after just a few breaks, thankfully it can be turned off. Sound effects are good with the correct ball sounds as they collide. The game fades out my own music.

Game play

img_0668Working controls that really lets you feel in charge of every shot. The AI is clever for the most part, and I have not seen too many impossible shots while testing it out.

Having only Ronnies to play with feels limiting to gameplay, and I would like to at least play some generic opponent instead of Ronnie all the time.

Game life

Playing as Ronnie versus Ronnie soon becomes really strange in my opinion, and the career mode won’t last more than a couple of hours depending on your skill. Online multiplayer is available but didn’t find anyone to play against when reviewing the game. As with all online game modes it is hard to rate it, and I choose not to include it at all in my evaluation of Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Snooker.

Final rating

If you are a fan of Ronnie O’Sullivan this game should really appeal to you. Ronnie has managed to get a good game with his name on. To some extent it feels like too much of Ronnie in the game though, and hopefully the developers will adress this in future updates. Given the choice between this and International Snooker I think Nigel’s rating of 4,5 stars for International Snooker is solid. If you have played International Snooker to death this might be a cool injection to your iPhone gaming collection.

Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Snooker $4.99

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