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If I was a game developer this is probably one of the game ideas I would never pursue. A block-building match four games using a rotating puzzle mechanic with cute monkeys is far from the ideas I would juggle. And that is a shame because if executed with polish what seems like a bad idea can turn into a pretty good game. That is exactly what the developer has done with Rolling Kongs. The initial press release blurb made me hesitant to even try it, but a few colourful screenshots made me interested enough to place it on my phone. Now I don’t regret that decision one bit, as this is one of the better match four puzzles I have encountered lately.

rk1The controls and gameplay in Rolling Kongs is quite straightforward, and what makes the game interesting is the level design and challenging times to beat. To remove a matched block you tap it. To make matches you rotate the entire world in the game with swipes. Easy to pull off, and the challenge comes from making matches in the correct order. It is also a matter of working the grey mass of fat between the ears, at times just rotating to make matches can drive me nuts. This is good, as the game takes the step from being a mere casual puzzler to being an actually challenging puzzle game.

There is a massive amount of levels to be found in the game, and it has the normal iOS puzzle game progression with stars to unlock level packs. To gain five stars the game demands quick, precise swipes and taps. I have had to replay levels to become effective enough to limit the amount of moves I make, and in turn lower the time it takes. Once this mind-set starts it is easy to spend five to ten minutes on a single level just to get those near impossible five stars. You don’t have to get every star to unlock new levels, but when a challenge is there it has to be overcome in my opinion.

The presentation is really polished, and especially the bright colourful palette pleases the eyes and mind. All menus, and the level selection screens look great with coherent themes. The story is told in mere stills that can be watched again in the options menu. A decent soundtrack sounds good for a while until it starts to become repetitive. You can play your own music instead, and that is always a good thing.

rk2A lack of variation in gameplay is ultimately what limits the game. Levels get harder, and new kinds of blocks are introduced but the core gameplay is still the same rotating of blocks.

Rolling Kings is a fun match four rotating block puzzler with great level design, and challenging times to beat. The massive amount of levels(456), and polished presentation makes it easy to recommend even though repetition will set in eventually. Up to that point it is great fun helping the cute monkeys out.

Final Rating


Rolling Kongs $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0.0
Seller: Ntreev Soft Co., Ltd

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