Robot Wants Kitty review

I am really glad that the machines in our world don`t have feelings. Then I would probably have to have long talks with my Apple products to be able to use them. I would have a toaster allergic to bread, and a microwave afraid of heat. Just look at what happened to Robot. It has feelings of love, passion and devotion for a poor Kitty. When emotions are manufactured on a series of circuit boards passion soon turns into craving, and craving into obsession. Robot will not take no for an answer. Foul beasts, hot lava and a maze to travel does not even bother Robot. All that bothers Robot is the time it has to spend apart from Kitty.

img_3771Robot Wants Kitty is an old school platformer combining action, puzzles with the urge to explore. Basically it is a combination of Megaman and Metroid. As you start a level Robot only has the ability to move left and right. As you explore more skills will be added such as jump, double jump, laser fire, rapid laser fire, exploding laser fire, ability to fly like a rocket upwards or along a horizontal path. Key cards and happy robot modifiers are also needed to travel the maps to find Kitty. The latest update includes a map at the pause screen making the game easier, and even more closely related to Metroid.

The controls in Robot Wants Kitty are all touch based, and you are free to customize the placement of the buttons. To me with meaty thumbs this turned out to be a good option, and just a slight separation from the standard setup was enough to get it all tight. As new items and abilities are unlocked so are the corresponding buttons. The levels are of course constructed to let you use your new abilities quite a lot right away, and it is really rewarding getting that immediate sense of progression. If you have played Metroid, Castlevania or Phoenix Spirit you know what I am talking about. That urge to find that ability that makes an obstacle obsolete.

img_3772The game is divided into different levels that all lets you start from scratch, and then time you on how fast you can reach Kitty. There is no story, and you never get to keep your upgrades. This is a flash high score game that has been ported with some extra content to iOS. A level editor lets you create your own levels, and try them out locally. The ability to share levels with others is promised in future updates, and Kitty Connect Level Sharing might make this a true classic for iOS. The levels available at the moment can be completed quite quickly, and from then on it is a race for quickest time. High scores and a limited number of achievements are available through OpenFeint.

img_3773The presentation in Robot Wants Kitty is retro with level graphics made from blocks. This is evident when you start to play around with the level editor. The backgrounds are quite limited, and could have had some more detail to them. Still this is a game where you don`t have time to stand around watching the scenery, as Robot really wants Kitty now. The music is a nice retro 8-bit piece that wouldn`t have been out of place in my childhood gaming sessions.

Robot Wants Kitty is fun, and addictive in the sense that I have never started a level without finishing it. I have only played one level a day, but once I start that level nothing is allowed to disturb my concentration. The progression in each level makes it far too easy to get involved in the love drama of metal and fur. As a iOS game it is brilliant, with customization of controls, quick save upon exit and a level editor. I recommend this to both the casual arcade platformer fan, and the Zelda exploration gamer.

Final Rating


Robot Wants Kitty $0.99
Version: 1.1
Seller: Raptisoft

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  • austintrees

    THIS IS A GREAT GAME… level builder is great to, can wait for more level.

  • Nacho Andrade, USA

    This is one of my new favorites. A very fun game.

  • Luke

    Free today. Great game!