Robot Unicorn Attack – quick review

Get in touch with your feminine side and fly the rainbow flag, with this Canabalt clone from Adult Swim.

Adult Swim, the team that brought you Robot Chicken, Cowboy Beebop and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, bring you more tongue in cheek humour with this camp platformer ‘Robot Unicorn Attack’.

In the game you must guide the star of the show as he automatically gallops from platform to platform using two touch buttons. One makes him jump, or double jump if you tap again, and the other activates a dash, which is good for clearing large chasms, or breaking through ice stars in your way. You get three tries to get as far as you can, with the score dependant ran how far you get, and how many fairies you collect on your way …of course! Once its game over, as well as be presented with a shot of your decapitated unicorn, the game adds up the three scores and allows you to share them on face book.

791544_4Much like Canabalt, it’s a short lived game, so it cannot be compared to the deeper games out there. But its quick-play ability begs you for another try, even if collecting fairies with a bright pink mystical beast, and farting rainbow trails, is not your cup of tea. $2.99 is a little pricey for what you getthough, with $0.99 being a better price allowing for an impulse buy.

What tickles me the most, is the thought of the developers spending hours searching for the gayest music track to accompany the game, where they settle in the end for Erasure’s Always – a song that would turn even George Michael a brighter shade of pink!


Robot Unicorn Attack is out now for $2.99. Get it on Robot Unicorn Attack

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    lol, i played this on my friends ipod, and he actually liked the music!!!!!