RoboSockets – Quick Review

Tetris has been around since what seems like the beginnings of time; can a game take the same formula and give it a twist? Read on to find out.

RoboSockets is pretty much that: Tetris with a twist. Here the pieces are small robots. They each have sockets around them and there are four possible sockets that they can interface with: right, left, up, or down. Of course, there are robots with all kinds of combinations.

The idea behind the game is to connect these robots through their sockets and once you have five connected to each other, they will blow up and free up some space for you. The idea may sound pretty simple, which it kind of is, but there is a lot of thinking required on the harder levels. One miss-placed robot can cost you the game.

mzlqfhxgmti320x480-75Both the graphics and the music have a retro feel to them which I actually enjoyed because if anything, it reminded me of the good old simple games from back in the day. They are very fitting to this kind of game.

The only real complaint I have is the story. Through the “story” you are suppose to save the robots from their own planet (which is actually why you connect them through their sockets, so they can share energy) but sometimes the story itself got in the way of the flow of the game. It was a nice touch, but at times it seemed a little bit annoying.

Overall the game is definitely good fun. It is a big change for Tatem Games (creators of Carnivores) but a good one to say the least. If you are a fan of Tetris, or any puzzle game for that matter, you’ll probably want to check this out.


RoboSockets is out now for $0.99

Here is the official teaser trailer:

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