Robocity review

Robocity tells the tale of an astronaut who has crash landed on an alien planet filled with robot zombies! you must find enough cogs to repair your ship, and each level is denoted by a different part of the ship. Personally, I found the game to be quite shallow and I got bored quickly. I have had this game on my phone for a month or two now, slowly plugging away at it, but the controls are not very responsive, and a little buggy. For instance, if you punch, and there is a robot and a crate in front of you, you will by default punch the box instead of the robot. You have ten lives, and due to the finicky controls you lose them quickly. Jumping to small platforms, or doing quick jumps between multiple is quite difficult, and it takes some getting used to. The most recent update helped out the controls a bit, however they are still unresponsive. all bow down to the robot boss!

Throughout the game you fight your way through hordes of robots, punching, shooting, or just dodging them to get your cogs. they are armed with energy weapons, missiles, robo-fists, and more. Your arsenal consists of your fists and whatever weapons you can find on the ground. You can drop crates on them from above, or use the crates to block their fire. Overall, I left feeling like this game was a half-assed attempt to try and make a game and not worth the time spent playing it.


Robocity is selling for .99 on the appstore, and I would not recommend it as of right now. perhaps if the developers put some more time into fine tuning it, it might be worth another star. As of right now, leave the stranded pilot alone.

Robocity – $.99

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