Robocalypse Review

Until now the iPhone has been lacking a great RTS. Robocalypse is a colorful RTS that will make you think as much as it will make you smile.

In Robocalypse you play a dweeby kid working at a factory that makes battle robots for the military and toasters with A.I. for consumers. An accident occurs that causes the lines to cross and voila! a polite battle robot bent on taking over the world is born. As we know all robots are just one industrial accident away from starting the next apocalypse. To impress the girl who runs the other line you (the dweeby ex-captian of the high school chess team) decides he can use an old invention to control a new team to fight the new evil robots.

The Good

original04The drawings in the cut scenes and dialogue are guaranteed to make you laugh. The art style is very comical and the animation is simplistic. The story is done very well and it’s fun to follow along and find out what happens next.

The story and characters may be silly, but the game is serious business. The game starts off well teaching you each step of the game. As you go the missions get more and more challenging in a good arch. You never feel like it’s too hard, or too easy. You will have plenty to manage in this game.

First you have the your troops. You control the grunts through action flags telling them to attack or defend the point. You also manage (micro-manage) your hero characters telling them exactly what to do. While you have them running around you can also click on your buildings to make more troops, resource bots, or more heros. Other buildings will also give you advantages during the game.

original02The interface is a huge boon in this game. Not only can you play in portrait or landscape on the fly, but it’s clear they spent a lot of time re-tooling the interface to work with the iPhone. You can touch anywhere on the minimap and drag around to move your view to that area. You can also click on the icons for your heros to automatically select them and move them where you like. The game’s controls work perfectly.

The trump card for this game is the multiplayer. You have the option for both local and internet play. Being able to play an RTS locally is cool, but playing it online with people all over the globe, that is amazing.

The Bad

original05Once your heros are done doing what you commanded them to do they just sit around. I guess you wouldn’t wandering off into enemy territory without you knowing about it, but maybe a flag or something letting you know they are idle would be very helpful.

Out of the modes you have for controlling your troops (action or defend) defending seems to work the best. If you just use the action flag your troops will wander around after the job is done, if you defend they will stay put and defend that area, which is much more useful.

The Bottom Line

Robocalypse is a better than average iPhone RTS, with great graphics, a funny story, and online multiplayer. If you love RTS games there is no reason not to own this one.

Presentation & Graphics
The interface and menus are fantastic, lots a detail and great layout. The cartoony cut-scenes are less impressive, but very fun.

The sounds are good. I love the sound of pushing buttons and other interface noises. Music and other in game sounds are better than average.

There are some small annoyances, but gameplay is solid.

The campaigns in the game will offer quite a bit of gameplay, but what really makes this stand out is the fact that you can play online. As of this writing it wasn’t working perfectly, but an online RTS, is a game with nearly unlimited gamelife.

Game Rating – Editor’s Choice
While not perfect, Robocalypse is damn good. If you are any kind of fan of RTS games, you will love this game.

Robocalypse $2.99 (currently on sale from $4.99) and/or try the light version

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  • Matt Dunn, USA

    Nooooo now I have to buy ANOTHER game. :P


    it does look really good. i am getting this!