Roar Rampage review

Where the heck is Ralph, Lizzie?

Imagine the classic game Rampage zoomed in close, and you get what Roar Rampage is all about. Destruction, and mayhem with a huge 315 ton dinosaur with a bad temper. No werewolf, or giant ape in sight though. I bet there are limits to how closely you can be inspired from the original.

The controls are quite awkward, and at times it is great and at others it is a nuisance. You control the right arm of this huge dino almost like if it was a marionette. The arm hinges at the shoulder, and the elbow. You can either drag the glowed hand around, or tap where you want it to smash. The direct controls feel refreshing, but at times it is too clever for it´s own good. Getting the arm stuck on buildings is really annoying. At other times the arm starts to move like if the dino was having a seizure fit.

The game is level based, and the dino walks from left to right. Buildings, choppers and cool bosses have to be punched. As you reach the end of a level you get to punch a gong, and get awarded bonus if you are lucky. The short levels can be completed within a minute each, and the quick pace definitely adds to the experience. Instead of being judged with one to three stars you get one to three bombs, sweet.

Everything has to be done using a single arm. Blocking incoming fire, grabbing melee weapons, collecting coins and powerups and smashing buildings. Having this limitation is actually what makes the game fun. At times it feels like I am dodging bullets in true bullet storm shooters.

There is an endless mode for those hell bent on smashing away. The main focus of the game is customization, and getting the dino looking cool. You earn coins while playing, and these can be used to get hats, clothes and new skins. There is of course iAP if you want to get more coins without playing that much.

The presentation in Roar Rampage is modern in a Jetpack Joyride kind of style. Big sprites, bold colours and exaggerated effects. The energetic rock, and great sound effects enhance the sensation of mayhem. One aspect I think is underdeveloped is the level layout. It uses the standard numbered level map, and I would have liked to see the dino walking across the Earth smashing city after city.

Roar Rampage is a fun game of destruction that sadly lacks lasting appeal. There is very little variation besides customizing the look of the dino. It does however offer a cool new perspective of the action I loved as a kid in Rampage.

Final Rating


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