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Slide puzzles are for squares! Ro takes the concept of slide puzzles (slide the squares to un-jumble an image) to a curvier new level. No, not with images of Anna Nichole Smith. Ro takes a modern-looking image, and jumbles it by rotating rings in different directions. It’s such a simple idea, but it looks so cool!

The twist in Ro comes when you try to rotate the rings to form the original image. When you rotate one ring, it may also rotate one or more of the other rings around



it. The key to winning each round is to learn the patterns of each ring, and rotate them properly to get the image back to the way it was at the beginning of the level. This is no easy task. I found that I was able to clear a lot of earlier rounds by constantly rotating the rings without much strategy. But once you get past intermediate, things get really tough!

The game looks great, and controls just as well. You simply tap a ring and swipe in the direction you want it to go. The rings will highlight when you tap them, which is essential in rotating the correct one. The audio is light, but fits very well.

I think something that could be considered either a pro or con in Ro is the lack of focus on scoring. Each session is timed, along with the amount of turns it takes to complete. However, there is no general list of your scores for each level (that I could see) in the game. So you only know if you beat your last score when you complete a level. There is also no leaderboard to speak of. So if you are obsessive about high scores, this will be annoying. If you’re playing more casually, this is fine.

This happens FAR too often. Mb I just suck.

This happens FAR too often. Mb I just suck.

Presentation & Graphics

Nothing amazing, but still cool. Rotating is smooth. Image design are pretty sweet. You don’t need mind-blowing effects in a game like this.


Simple but appropriate.

Very easy to pick up and play. Once you get the hang of the patterns, it’s not quite as frustrating. This does take some time though. The last two difficulties are REALLY tough. Kinda like a rubix circle.


This game will last a long time, simply from the sheer mass of levels and difficulty. It would have nice to at least have a local list of scores for your levels. Would have also liked to see some sort of challenge mode or another gameplay mode other than the one.

Game Rating


Ro is an exceptionally unique puzzle game. It’s very easy to pick up and play in short bursts, and saves your progress when you quit or are interupted.  The design of the game looks great, and the puzzle difficulty ramps up nicely, which will keep you coming back for a while.

Ro – $1.99

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