Ric Rococo: International Art Thief Quick Review

Ric Rococo is a fairly simple game, in which you must steal art pieces which are worth a certain amount in a certain time. The game features a fairly simple control scheme, touch the sides to move in that direction, and tap a button to hide, use an elevator, etc. The game has a total of ten levels, and it doesn’t begin to get hard until level 6 or 7. The game is mainly a puzzle game, and I found that once you figure out how to get the highest value paintings, the levels are all easy, no matter how far you go. There is nothing to do aside from the ten levels, so once you finish them, you’re done with the game. The game offered a little fun, but it quickly lost it’s novelty and got quite boring. Apparently, Guards can't tell that you aren't a statue on a pedestal...

You play as Ric, who with his girlfriend fly in and infiltrate museums in their gold flower helicopter. Once they successfully steal enough money, they buy some random item for their lounge, such as a hover couch, or a giant hairball thing, or other stuff that has no bering on the game whatsoever. There is no High Scores of any way, which once again lowers the gamelife.

The one high point I saw was that the paintings were real paintings, and after a level, you could look at them and see who painted them (at least, thumbnails of the paintings.)

Presentation & Graphics
Graphics are simple and dorky. Not much to see, and the game doesn’t try too hard to grab your attention

Nothing special, just a bit of simple background and special effects.

Simple controls, easy learning curve, and not much else. Game is easy and once you get the hang of it, you will not fail once.

Short game, and nothing to do once it’s done.

Game Rating


This game is a sub-par game in which you must steal art so you can buy worthless stuff for your pad. Definately not worth the $2.99 that is being asked for it. Save the money for a game that keeps you entertained longer then a day.

Ric Rococo: International Art Thief $2.99

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