RHA MA450i headphones review

Should I quote some British heavy metal song in the intro?

The second set of iPhone enables headphones from RHA is the in-ear MA450i. Available in two colours: white, and black. The first thing that struck me when taking them out of the box is how light they are. The second was that the ear tips reminded me of those found on the premium earphones from Atomic Floyd. A bit thinner, but still dual moulded. Starting a review with the ear tips might seem strange, but it is imperative to getting a good seal. Having an inner harder rubber, and a softer on the actual tips make for a good seal. A lot more expensive in-ear headphones ship with inferior ear tips, and I am really impressed that RHA has invested time and money into something this good.

Next up is the long fabric cord that is actually a bit too long for using with an iPhone in my opinion. Writing this on a laptop it is great though, and it depends on where and how you use your earphones. When used with my iPhone I have to wrap the cord several laps around it before placing it inside a pocket. Fabric cords seldom tangle, and the same is true with the MA450i. Any cord will tangle though if placed in a ball in a pocket, and that is why it needs to be wrapped around something. There is some noise transferred from the cord rubbing against clothes.

The microphone with volume controls is placed perfectly slightly below the mouth on the right ear bud cord. The Y-splitter is found quite low on the cord, but a small plastic ring can be used to tighten it. This allows the cord to be tight at the point where the microphone is placed. The microphone has good audio quality, and easy to reach controls. Overall it is a really impressive design that looks as good as it works.

For sound the bass is good, but never overpowering. I would rather describe the sound as balanced. Given that the soft dual injected ear tips are easy to get a good seal with the sweat spot is easy to find.

The design with aluminium is great looking, and has an own style. They look much more expensive than the price tag tells you. Now I think RHA should pair up with some celebrity, or brand to get a wider recognition.

In the packaging there are seven pairs of ear tips, and a soft carrying bag. Definitely enough, albeit I would have liked a clip to attach the long cord to clothes with.

RHA manages to impress me once more, and I hope the innovation and design are kept at this high level. The MA450i is a great in-ear set of earphones that can stand up to products with much heftier price tags.

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