Motion Pool review

Review by Dave LeClair

Developer, Dumb Games, is bringing some Wii Sports type of games to iTunes app store, and the first of these is Motion Pool. At this point there are a lot of pool games on the app store, so does Motion Pool live up to some of the other ones, or should you be motioning your fingers away from the buy button?

Motion Pool is just what it sounds like, its Pool. The issue with a game like pool is there is going to be lot of games that are virtually the same, so how does one make their game stand out? I’m not sure, and apparently neither is Dumb Games because their venture into pool games is not very good.

The game offers two different control methods, which is a good thing, we all like choice, right? Well if neither of the options are very good then who cares if you get to choose. The first option is motion based, where you touch down on the screen and move your iPhone in the direction of the ball you want to shoot at. In my experience this mode barely worked, if at all. The other mode is touch based. In this mode you start with your finger on the cue ball and slide it towards the ball you want to shoot at, this mode does work, but I don’t think it’s the most intuitive way to control a pool game, and I found it for the most part to be fairly ineffective.

The game offers play versus the computer or versus a friend. In playing vs. the computer you have three difficulty levels to choose from, but they didn’t seem to vary too much when I stepped it up to the harder ones. There is also the option to play 8-ball or 9-ball, which is pretty much standard in any pool game. However, since the controls are so tough to use, it may not matter what kind of mode you are playing, because if you can’t aim at the ball, you aren’t going to have much fun.

The visuals are not pleasing to the eye. The balls do not roll on the table, rather they just kind of slide around, which takes you out of the experience. Also there is no option to change the color of the table, which would at least add variety. The sound in the game is ok, nothing special, but the balls hitting sounds good enough.

The one thing about the game that was decent is the physics, they are not going to blow you away, but they work, and when I was able to actually hit the ball I wanted to, it behaved exactly as I expected it to.

Overall, I would not recommend picking up this game. There are plenty of other pool games on the app store that are a lot better. The game is only $.99, but I honestly don’t think it’s worth that price.

Presentation & Graphics:2

Not good. The balls don’t actually roll, they just slide around the table. Visuals just don’t look very nice.

Sound: 6

The sound is passable, the balls hitting each other sounds pretty authentic.


Controls hardly work.

Game life: 2

The game does offer a few modes of play, but none of them are any fun because it’s so hard to control your shots.

Game rating: 3
Final Word:

I would not recommenced this game to anyone, with controls that don’t work very well there is no reason to play this game.

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