Motion Bowl review

Review by Dave LeClair

Dumb Games is at it again, this time with a Bowling game called Motion Bowl, which similarly to their previous games offers both motion controls and touch controls. Is motion bowl a strike, or is it straight into the gutter?

I don’t feel it to be necessary to describe the game of bowling to anyone, so I will skip to describing how this particular bowling experience works. In Motion Bowl you are given two options for controls, you have motion, where you swing your phone like a bowling ball, and touch, where you slide your finger across the screen. Both of these control methods are pretty effective, but, shockingly, I preferred the motion controls. I found the touch controls to work pretty well also, but personally, I liked the feel of the motion ones better. The touch controls felt a little clunky to me, but they do work.

When you start a turn you pick the size of the ball you would like to use, which does not seem to affect your shot too much. Each different size ball has a different color to keep things looking fresh. The game offers three difficulty levels, easy, medium and hard. Difficulty levels are a good thing, however in the case of Motion Bowl, the only thing that changes when you make the game harder is your ball gets smaller and the opponents ball gets bigger. To me it seems like a kind of lazy way to ramp up difficulty, but I guess it works.

Visually the game looks pretty good, nothing spectacular though. The lanes look pretty realistic and authentic. The one major complaint I have with the game, which a complain in visuals and gameplay, is that often times the pins will slide across the screen after you hit them and go right through the other pins and not knock them over.

In the end Motion Bowl isn’t going to blow you away, but it’s a pretty decent bowling experiance for only $.99 it is not a terrible pick up.

Presentation & Graphics: 

Decent looking visuals, but looses a star because of the pins crossing through each other and not falling down.


Nothing special in the sound department. Pins falling sound pretty good, but won’t knock you out of your socks either.


Good motion controls, but lack luster touch controls. Still pretty fun to play but not spectacular.

Game life:

There’s only one lane to play on which gets kind of old, and the method of ramping up difficulty is kind of bad.

Game rating:

Final Word:

Overall, Motion Bowl isn’t amazing but its not a bad game either. It does have some flaws like an odd method of ramping up difficulty and pins that go through each other, but these flaws don’t ruin the experience. If you are looking for a budget bowling game, it’s not a bad buy.

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