Loot Master review

Review by Dave LeClair

Who doesn’t love gathering loot in games? Rather its picking up a new weapon or a fancy piece of armor, loot gathering is just fun. There’s nothing like the feeling of killing something and having it drop a sweet item to make your character that much more awesome. Well Loot Master knows this, and they want to bring all that gathering fun straight to your iPhone. Does it live up to its potential or does it fall flat on its face, read on to find out!

The premise behind Loot Master is similar to a tower defense game. Meaning, enemies come from one side of the screen to the other, and your objective is simply to kill them before they make it all the way across. If they make it past your defenses you will take damage in if too many make it past, you die. Simple enough, right? Well this game decides to put a little different spin on this mechanic. As you kill enemies, they will drop items that improve your character in various categories.

To kill your foes you simply tap on them. The items you have equipped will determine how much damage your tapping will do. Not all enemies will drop loot, but good items are pretty frequent, maybe a little too frequent. I wish that “rare” items were a little bit more rare, so they feel more special. Your enemies will come at you in waves, and between waves is when you have time to mess around with your equipped items. Items work in standard RPG fashion, improving stats like strength, wisdom and things of that nature. Each eave of guys gets progressively harder, by added more enemies, and more powerful enemies. To mix things up they also include spells, that have certain healing effects for you, or damaging effects for your enemies. They also throw in “boss” waves, which are one enemy that you have to tap on a lot to kill.

The controls are very simple, and they work pretty well most of the time. To kill an enemy, you tap him. To cast a spell you drag the spell to the play area. The problem comes when there’s a lot of enemies and lot of items. The items on the ground sometimes get in your way, and the solution to this is to shake the phone to get rid of them, but what if there’s an item you really want in there? It’s a small griped because otherwise the controls are pretty good. It’s very accurate, so the enemy you want to kill, is the one you are going to kill.

The main issue I have with the game is that it lacks variety. There is only one level to play on, and after a few waves of enemies it gets kind of old. The bad guys are tiny little 2d guys and they don’t look particularly great, and neither does the background on the one level. The sound is also kind of annoying. Almost every enemy you kill makes some kind of sound that gets very obnoxious after a while. For what the game is, I wouldn’t expect great 3d graphics or anything like that, but more that one background to play on would have been nice.

In the end, Loot Master isn’t a bad game. It’s fun to pick up and play for a short distraction. However, for it’s $5.99 price tag, it’s not much of a value. If it offered a little more variety it would be worth picking up, but with only having one level, it falls a little short. However, I think is an audience for this game, if you are really into gathering loot and love tower defense games it may be worth checking out, for the rest of you I would take a pass.

Presentation & Graphics: 5

Lackluster 2d graphics and only one level keep this game from looking very pleasing.



The enemies dieing gets very annoying after a short time playing, I spent most of my time playing with the sound off.



Controls work pretty well, and gather loot is always pretty good times, but it falls short in a lot of areas, and the screen can get to cluttered at times.


Game life:  4

Only one level makes the game get old quick.


Game rating:5

Final Word:

Offers fun game play in short bursts, but the lack of variety makes this game get boring pretty quick. If this is a genre that really interests you it may still be worth checking out though, and if that’s you, you can pick it up right here. For the rest of us, there’s plenty of other games on the app store I would spend my money on over Loot Master.

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