Hiqup review

Review by Dave LeClair

Hiqup is an interesting puzzle game developed by Moopf. While the name of the developer is a little odd, the premise of Hiqup is something familiar. That’s not to say Hiqup is a unoriginal, because it does an incredibly good job of taking a familiar concept and then flipping it over, turning it sideways, and making something completely fresh and new.

Remember when you were younger, and you used to play with that little triangle with golf tees stuck in it? The idea was to jump the pieces over one another to get there to be only piece left. Well Hiqup is like that, only with a lot of twists thrown in there. First of all, forget triangles, because every level in Hiqup is a different shape. Second, there are three different types of pieces, each capable of moving in certain directions. Last, there are all kinds of special spaces on the board including: bombs, teleports and jumpers. The objective is still the same though, get down to one, and in some cases, no pieces left.

The game offers a ton of levels, 47 to be exact. It all starts with a tutorial to get you used to way things work. The difficulty of puzzles then begins to ramp up, and when you get far into the game, it becomes incredibly challenging. Each level offers a bronze, silver and gold level of completion. Usually bronze is achieved by leaving 3 pieces, silver by leaving 2 and gold by leaving 1. There are the aforementioned levels where you have to get to zero pieces and in that case, gold would be zero. There are also some levels that are timed, and on these not only do you have to clear out a certain number of pieces, but you also have to do it in a certain amount of time.

Each level starts off with a brief introduction, explaining what needs to be done to beat it. It tells you what you need to do to get the medals, and gives you some idea of what to trick is in that particular level.

The controls for Hiqup are very simple, and they work effectively. You tap the pieces you want to move, then you tap where you want it to go. No unnecessary motion controls, just to the point, smooth and effective tapping. I never once found myself trying to move one piece and tapping another, and that’s really all one can look for from a puzzle game like this.

Hiqup is incredibly polished. There’s only so much they can do to make a game of this type look great, and Moopf most definitely nailed it. The colors and the levels are very easy on the eyes, even the loading screen is very nice looking. There’s not a lot of sound in the game, but the sound that is there is nice, and not intrusive like many other games out there.

I found Hiqup to be a blast to play, with its simple concept and additive puzzles, it’s a game that can keep you coming back for more. If you like puzzle games, and you have an iPhone, there is no reason to go right here and pick up the full game. If you are still unsure you can pick up the lite version here.

Presentation & Graphics:8

Very well polished. For the type of game it is, there is really nothing else that could be done to make it look any better then it does.

Sound: 7

Nothing in the sound is going to blow you away by any means, but even more important, nothing is going to annoy you either. The sounds add feel the game, without being intrusive.

Gameplay: 9

A very nice take on a classic game. Take the old triangle puzzle game to whole new level with a bunch of fun, and interesting twists.

Game life:8

Offers 47 levels ranging from super easy to super hard. Some puzzle will take a lot of time to beat, and they will always keep you coming back for more. There is a lot of fun to be had with Hiqup!

Game rating: 9
Final Word:

I love to see games like Hiqup, where a developer takes an old concept, wipes the slate clean and truly makes it their own. For puzzle gamers, this is one of the best games in the genre on the app store, and is absolutely worth the price of admission!

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