Get of My Way review

Review by Dave LeClair

Available now on the Apple iTunes store is a small game called Get Out of My Way. As I write this review I search for something good to say about this game, and I’m at a complete loss for words. There is honestly not one thing that makes this game worth playing.

The objective of the game is move your “spaceship” from one side of the screen to the other, while trying to avoid the other spaceships that are in the way. However, you have to choose your moves before you see the other ships move. You have to pay attention to the pilots names and watch their path. If you memorize the paths for the pilots, you can make it to the end and win. So in essence the game does work, but that does not make it any more fun. It’s just flat out boring. The app store has a game consisting of nothing but popping bubble wrap that is FAR more entertaining.

Graphically, the game is broken. The “ships” pop in and out as they move, and the look less like ships and more like squares with edges cut out. Level variety? Nope. The game consists of only one level, which is a small grid like area. After about 5 minutes of staring at this “level” you may ending up hating all grids everywhere (so if you work with spreadsheets, you may want to stay away from this game).

Sound quality in the game doesn’t exist because they apparently forgot to make any sounds in the game. I’m not sure if they are just lazy or didn’t know how to make sounds for a game, but either way, some sound would have been nice.

Overall, Get Out of My Way is not worth playing, it’s not even worth clicking on the link to read about it in the app store. Even if the game was free I would not get it, and at $1.99, you would be doing your wallet a grave disservice.

Presentation and Graphics: 1

Uninspired graphics and only one level.

Sound: 0

There is no sound in this game.

Game Play: 1

Repetitive and boring game play make for a, repetitive and boring experience.

Game Life: 1

Well if you enjoy games that are not fun, then you will get a long life span out of this game.

Game Rating: 1
Final Word:
Overall, Get out of my way gets 1 out of 10, simply because it exists, and I feel it’s wrong to give something that exists a 0.

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