Days of Thunder Review

Racing games are big business on the iPhone, there are no less then 24000 racing games available on the app store. So how does one separate themselves from the pack in such an over done genre? It’s simple, add in the ability to literally lay the hammer down on you opponents. Throw in some story elements in there as well and you have Days of Thunder.

Put it all in a blender and you end up with a pretty decent racing game that separates itself from the pack. I’ve never been a fan of Nascarracing games, meaning a game where you drive around in circles, but adding in the elements of smashing the other drivers makes driving around in large circles relatively fun. However, it is still driving around in circles, so no matter what you do to expand, it’s still circles, so expect to see a lot of the same scenery.

I don’t feel it necessary to explain how a racing game works, but the nice thing about Days of Thunder is that you are actually in control of your acceleration and deceleration. I can’t stand when a racing game doesn’t allow you control how fast you are going. On the bottom left and right of the screen. there is a little picture of a break pedal and gas pedal. Turning is done via accelerometer, and I found it be incredibly accurate. The one problem I found with the controls is that when you are about to crash into the wall it feels like the game kind of pulls you away and assists you. I found this to be rather annoying, if I am doing bad and crashing, then let me crash! Still, the controls are not bad, but it could use just a little work.

They have incorporated a great rival system in the game. This is one person who is your enemy, and if you take them out before the race is over you unlock achievements and new cars and things of that nature. It adds a lot to the game because it’s not all about being the fastest car in the game, but also trying to take out the right person. Just pulling ahead of the racers and winning is an option, but why do that when you can destroy everyone else instead.

There is pitting in the game, and you will need to use it. You are not only one looking to take other drivers out. Every driver on the track is going to smash into you whenever they can, so you will need to go into the pit to get your car fixed or it’ll be smash city for you.

daysofthunderThere are full 3d graphics, as you would expect from a racing game. They are pretty decent but nothing to write home about. The polygons are a little choppy, but I’ve seen worse. There are occasions, when a lot of cars are on the screen at once, that the frame rate will chug a little, and this can be kind of annoying. However, it isn’t constant, and with a little more optimising, it could be fixed.

The sound is one of the best aspects of the game. The music is great and fits right in with the Nascar racing feel. The sound effects when you smash into other cars are top notch, and the engines in the cars sound really powerful.

Overall, Days of Thunder is a good racing game, but not a great one. It is one of the most fun racing games on the iPhone, but some technical issues keep it from greatness. With a future update these things could be smoothed out and the game could be amazing. In the meantime, if you can get past these issues, Days of Thunder may be worth checking out.

Presentation & Graphics
Decent looking 3d visuals, but some frame rate issues and jaggy polygons keep the score from being higher.

This is where the game really shines. There is great music and sound effects throughout the experience. If the rest of the game was as good as the sound, this would be a must buy!

Pretty fun game play for a circle track racer. The design of smashing into the other cars makes it pretty enjoyable, however, it is still a circle track racer, and that can only be so fun.

There are lots of things to unlock, and lots of tracks to race on. However, if you aren’t a fan of Nascar, then this would probably get boring, even with all the smashing.

Game Rating
Days of Thunder is a pretty good racer, but some glaring technical flaws keep it from greatness. If you like racing and you like smashing into stuff, it might still be worth checking out if you can get past some of the technical flaws.

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  • Jay

    I like my Ferrari GT more


    I don’t play racing games much.