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Here’s what I was thinking before I launched the new social scratch and guess game ‘Reveal!’ ‘Man, I’m hungry’. Here’s what I thought after I launched the new social scratch and guess game ‘Reveal!’ ‘I’m still hungry, but this looks like an interesting riff on the asynchronous social multiplayer genre, perhaps I should review it’.

So here I am doing just that. ‘Reveal’ is an image guessing game where you must correctly guess the picture in as fast a time as possible. You do this by rubbing the screen (with your finger, not in a suggestive manner), to steadily reveal an image. As soon as you start the un-suggestive rubbing, a timer which includes a decreasing point total begins counting down. The more you scratch off and the longer you take, the less points are on offer. It’s in your interest to scratch off as little as possible, so if you manage to guess the image with one stroke for example, you could win a billionty points. That’s a lot of points.

If you’ve ever played Words, Hanging or Scramble with Friends, you’ll be well versed with how ‘Reveal!’ works. You log in, challenge a friend (if you have any) or select a random opponent, then take it in turns to complete your round. And just like those famous games, you may also wait for two weeks for them to play their turn, but that’s another story.

Images come in a variety of packs. Three are included with the free download (Everything 80’s, Chart Toppers and Movies), and coins you win in-game can purchase you more such as Retro Cartoons, Travel and Rock Stars. Unfortunately coins are doled out at a painfully slow rate, so unless you feel like spending real coins, you’ll be stuck with the default packs for a while. I think the developers might want you to spend a bit of money. Don’t quote me though.

Now the subject matter of the packs brings up an interesting question – it’s all well and good for someone in the west who grew up in the last three decades hooked on MTV to make guesses about movies from the 80’s or Hollywood Stars, but what if you were raised in Papua New Guinea, Addis Abbaba, or Walthamstow?

Now before anyone accuses me of being racist, nowhere can I see a pack which includes celebrities from Papua New Guinea or Addis Abbaba available in this game, so there. And I’m sure anyone from Papua New Guinea or Addis Abbaba will agree with my assumption that this game is inherently biased.

Or perhaps I’m reading a little too deeply into things. I probably am. My point is, if for some reason you’re not au fait with 30+ years of pop culture, you might struggle with this one.

It’s a good thing I know everything then, although I was intrigued at how easy it was to mistake ‘Airplane’ for ‘Ghostbusters’ based on the colour of someone’s sleeve. I guess everyone wore similar coloured sleeves in the 80’s. At points your eyes might play tricks on you, making ‘ET’ look like Michael Jackson, until you stab for an option in desperation just to stop the clock ticking.You do have a limited number of ‘Helping Hands’ which eliminate two choices for you however.

Unlike Words, Scramble or Hanging which are essentially new games each time you play them, with ‘Reveal!’, you’re at the mercy of the packs. There are a fair few on offer (and hopefully more on the way), but if you’re someone who likes scratching or rubbing a lot, you could conceivably go through everything the game has to offer. Indeed, unless you spend a bit on extra packs, you may even stumble across multiple instances of the same image per match. If you’ve just revealed ‘Back To The Future’, and it comes up as an option on your very next turn, it’s pretty safe to say you can eliminate it.

Oh and just in case you haven’t heard of Maddona, Britney Spears, or didn’t catch ‘Alien’ last time it was on TV, each reveal has a handy link to iTunes where you can purchase the episode, movie or track. I do feel as though these casual multiplayer games have lost their innocence somewhat, but on the other hand, it’s good to know that ‘DangerMouse’ Season 1 is available to download. I might pick that one up.

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‘Reveal!’ is available for free on iPhone. Get it now on the Reveal! The Scratch & Guess Game - Koko Digital


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