Redneck Revenge: A zombie roadtrip review

Don’t mess with a man with more tattoos than brain cells.

Get yer hands of my chickens you filthy cadavers you. We don’t care for your kind here. I will blow yer head off, and then I will make a pot stew from your intestinal goodness.

For once the stereotypical redneck mentality feels like a perfect response to a new situation. Zombies are running amok, or rather shuffling about with malicious intent. Our hero Red is ready to tackle the attack, as soon as he has filled up on chewing tobacco. With an array of prison tattoos, a pair of farmer trousers and a shotgun Red goes to war.

Redneck Revenge is a kind of barricade defence game where you have to stop the zombies from reaching Red. Blasting away at the zombies is as easy as poking a finger at them. Red can move up, and down at the far left of the screen. Once an enemy reaches him you have to poke him repeatedly to shake it off.

The game progresses nicely across a map, and between levels you get to upgrade weaponry and customize outfits. This is the meat of the game, as it is what keeps you going. Getting a more effective weapon is key to survival, and despite the core gameplay becoming extremely repetitive it still becomes easy to play one more level to get that covered gun.

Enemies are hilarious, as are some of the weapons. Overall this a bit childish humour is highly enjoyable, and it is easy to smile at new enemies or new ways to slay them. Being killed by cows mowing Red down is annoying, but at the same time it is kind of humorous. The graphical style, and general presentation reminds me a bit of Southpark. It would not have surprised me if Red was uncle Jimbo´s redneck brother.

IAP is there for those who want to quickly push forward in the game. At times you can actually get stumped if you purchase the wrong weapon. I got the spudgun in an attempt to kill a harder version of zombies, but it proved to be a waste of money. I should have upgraded the shotgun instead. At those times even those really good at holding onto their real cash can buckle slightly.

Redneck Revenge has a fun framework with a lovable hero, cool enemies and memorable weapons. The core gameplay is however quite shallow, and offers little variation. For those looking for a quick arcade defence game I still think it is worth picking up.

Final Rating


Redneck Revenge $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod

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