Real Racing 3 coming Feb 28th

EA announces release date for the 3rd installment of their hit iOS racer…

Since Real Racing 3 was previewed at the iPhone 5 launch in 2012, the game has been anxiously anticipated by iOS gamers everywhere. This installment of the Real Racing franchise promises to be the most realistic experience yet, featuring photorealistic tracks, 45 meticulously detailed cars and the all-new Time-Shifted Multiplayer.

Real Racing 3 launches on the AppStore on February 28th for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

We’ll be getting hands-on with the finished build at a Real Racing 3 press event next week. So stay tuned for our first impressions.

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  • MAV

    Please, Source Link Share

  • tvittal

    Source link?

  • nigelwood

    EA emailed me directly!

  • MAV


  • asteroide

    it will be freemium and it is the worst thing EA can do. The game is allready out there in some country here is the first impression :

    The game isn’t that beautyfull on other hardware than last iphone or ipad. It is almost 1Go of memory space.

    Freemium process is based on waiting timer
    Real waiting 3 :
    when you have to do service on your car (not the repairs) these are the wait times:
    oil: 15 minutes (you need to do this every 4-5 races)
    engine: 3 hours (every 25-30 races)
    brakes: 60 minutes (every 15-20 races)
    suspension: 1 hour 30 minutes (every 20-25 races)
    tires: 30 minutes (every10-15 races)
    Real paying 3
    10 gold for $2.59 up to 1000 gold for a whopping $124.99
    You need to spend around 6 $ if you want to continuously play during one hour.

    You can also buy cars : 3 cars for 9$

    Will you erase paid games to install it ?

    Will you pay the big amount of money it ask to be played without frustration ? (In other words will you pay to enjoy it ?)

    Will you wait the end of the timers?