Real Boxing Coming to iOS – Update

Not actual boxing, you understand. Videogame boxing.

If there’s one thing iOS gaming lacks, it’s a decent boxing sim. If there’s two things, it’s a decent boxing sim and a cloning device which makes a double of you that goes into work on Monday morning so you don’t have to.

The vast majority of iOS boxing games are of the comedy variety. There’s a serious dearth of gritty, realistic versions of the sport, but this is where Real Boxing from Vivid Games steps into the ring. Yes, I had to use that terrible pun.

The first thing you’ll notice when you take a look at the screenshots below is the fabulous graphics.  ‘Unreal Engine’ I hear you scream? I answer in the affirmative. It also features motion captured animation from professional boxers (hopefully not Audley Harrison), filmed in state-of-the-art studios in Poland.

Players will be able to personalise their boxer’s appearance, choosing from a range of tattoos, shorts, shoes and gloves. Once they’ve made them look like a grotesque hybrid of Frank Bruno and the chewed off bit of Evander Holyfield’s ear, they can train them up and take on all comers in career mode.

“We’re investing very significant resources into Real Boxing to raise the bar for sports games on iOS and make this an exceptionally high quality title,” said Remi Koscielny, CEO of Vivid Games. “By combining the power of the Unreal Engine with lifelike motion capture and thrilling gameplay, players will feel every hook, jab and uppercut – giving them a truly unique boxing experience on their iOS devices.”

We’ll find out how it plays soon enough, but there’s no denying it looks fantastic. Feast your greedy little eyes below with these new screenshots. They’re still of men punching each other, but they look darn good, no?



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  • SkimmingtonRive
  • Sako Hamilton

    Unreal & motion capture animations! Sounds good in paper but I wanna get my hands on it :P