React Quick Review


by Matt Dunn

This is a great start to a polished “Bop It” kind of game for the iPhone. It also has the lamest “screenshots” on the App Store, but hey, you can’t win everything, right? ;)

We need more actions!

We need more actions!

Unlike Tap n Slide, which is the first Bop It game we reviewed, React actually looks like time was spent in production. The menus are incredibly cool and slick, and more importantly, the gameplay follows suit.Now by “gameplay”, I mean repeating 4 different actions over and over in random order. While this won’t entertain for very long, it’s a fun short little game, and works well at parties to challenge your friends/family. It’s not really full game experience, but it wasn’t necessarily intended to be one. It’s a fun quick little experience, and it’s done well.

My only complaint (which was the same for Tap n Slide) is the the fact that there are only 4 tasks to do. I can think of several more just off the top of my head. It would be great if as you progressed through the game, more tasks were unlocked. Not only would this add to the variety of the game, but it would add much more replay value, as you would be playing to unlock new things. Something to think about.

Hmmm. Im sold.

Hmmm. Im sold.

Presentation and Graphics:

VERY slick menu interface. Main game also looks quite good. The over all style of the game is just cool!

On par with the graphics. Very high quality.


Fun, but limited to only 4 actions. Definitely challenging, and great to challenge friends!


Definitely a “once in a while” kind of applications after the first few plays. Would really have liked to see an online leaderboard for this kind of game, but it does have a local leaderboard. Nothing to unlock as you progress.
Game Rating


React is a fun little game for quick moments when you have a couple minutes to kill. Although it doesn’t offer many features, or reasons to keep coming back, it offers a very polished experience, and with updates, could become a much greater game experience. For just 99 cents, it’s certainly worth it!

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  • Dominic Feeney

    meh, not really my thing this.

    I’ll pass