Ravensword – Walkthrough guide

We have acquired a walk-though for Ravensword. This will take you through the main story line to the end of the game.

Remember however, that much of the game is just exploring, as there are places the story doesn’t take you that have awesome items to collect. Read our full review of the game here.

Ravensword Game Hints Guide

· Follow the tutorial at the beginning of the game.
· After visiting Donald and giving him the 5 rats, go back into the forest and stay in the “forest room” area.
· Practice killing boars and goblins until you’ve leveled up and earned enough money to purchase the dagger at the Blacksmith’s Shop.
· If you get lucky you can find a goblin with a dagger first. Kill him and take his dagger. Return to the blacksmith to pick up your first mission.
· Be sure to collect as many crystals in the forest as you can – you will need them for a later “very important” mission.

The Blacksmith Mission

· Before going into the forest to begin the Blacksmith’s sword mission, stop at Rat Donald’s and stock up on food.
· Buy as much food as you can. Eat one, and it will automatically show up in your item bar (left side of the heads up display HUD)
· If you keep it open by tapping next to it, you can refill your health as necessary while battling beasts.
· Go into the forest and stay on the path. You will get to old ruins, where you will encounter the Goblin Thief.
· Equip yourself with the dagger, and battle him. Be sure to refill your health with your item bar during battle to ensure that you don’t get killed. After you kill him, tap on his corpse and take the Blacksmith’s sword.
· Return to the Blacksmith quickly by using your homing amulet. If you tap on the Blacksmith, he will give you his sword to use. Equip it in your backpack, and it will be automatically added to your side bar.

The Bow

· Now is a good time to purchase the bow. If you have killed enough Goblins and searched for chests, you will have found enough gold to purchase the bow in the Blacksmith’s Shop.
· Also be sure to buy plenty of arrows. Equip the bow and it will be added to your item toolbar.
· This will let you switch back and forth between your bow and sword, or other melee weapons that you purchase.
· When you leave the Blacksmith’s Shop, turn left, and then left again and you will see the archery stand. Tap on the man standing there. Play the game, and try to win as much gold as you can, so that you can purchase more food or honeycombs.

Save Sofie

· When the Blacksmith Mission is complete, visit Kelton. He is standing in front of the magic shop.
· Keep walking up the road to the north of town, take a left at the sign leading toward the graveyard. The magic shop is just ahead of the graveyard. Talk to Kelton and he will ask you to rescue his daughter Sofie. Go into the Magic shop and purchase some health potions.
· To get to the dungeon and to save Sofie you have to take the forest path to the old ruins again, and jump over the bridge.
· If you follow the edge of the river, to the right of the bridge, you will see a man standing in front of a tent with a camp fire. Talk to him, and he will give you the Imp Hunter Mission. You will be able to do that mission later.
· Get back to the forest path, and continue down until you see a troll standing in front of a door.
· You should be able to get a few arrow shot into him before he makes it to you. Then quickly equip your sword and battle him until he falls. Tap on his carcass to take the Dungeon Key.
· Now you may enter the Dungeons.
· Inside the Dungeon, you will notice some rooms have treasure chests, so be sure to get as many as you can. There are skeleton warriors in the Dungeon. You should try to avoid them if at all possible.
· When you get to your first fork in the dungeon path, take a right. You will see a lava pit. Try pushing the crate into the lava, and jumping onto it, then over the pit. There is an Orc at the dead end, and he has the key to cell 4 – which is where Sofie is held.
· Defeat the Orc either with your Sword, or lead him into the lava and he will burn. After he is dead, take the key from his carcass. Take a quick left right in front of the lava (if you are turned around). This will lead you to Sofie’s cell.
· Open it by walking into the door. Sofie will then run out of the Dungeon, and follow you out.
· You can use the homing amulet to return to town, or grind a little in the forest to level up some more. There is a hidden cave next to the forest path with a very powerful troll – if you kill him, you will level up and get plenty of gold.
· After returning to town, talk to Kelton again in front of the Magic Shop, and he will give you the Singing Rune. This rune not only has magical properties, but can open doors as well.
· If you have 250 gold, you can recharge it in the Magic Shop. If you use it, it will make animals fear you, and they will run away. Note, larger beasts are not afraid of the Singing Rune.

Otis’s Crystals

· After seeing Kelton, go to the graveyard (exit next to the Magic Shop). Past the first set of gravestones, is a crypt. Enter the crypt, and it will open with the Singing Rune.
· Talk to Otis inside, and he will give you the crystal mission. You need 23 crystals for his experiment. You can go back to the forest to collect the rest of the crystals, or purchase them in the Magic Shop if you have enough gold.
· If you return to Otis’s Crypt, he will give you 100 gold for the crystals and tell you to visit the Magic Shop.

The Ogre, Blast Arrows, and the Snow Beast

· In the magic shop, Lucius will give you a quiver of Blast Arrows, which you can use to defeat the Ogre who is guarding the Ravenswor. After receiving them – buy more blast arrows – as many as you can.
· He will tell you that you need to find Sytheria. Sytheria has two entrances. One is high in the mountains, and the other is in the Dungeon. If you take the town exit opposite of the graveyard, it will take you through the Talon Cliffs.
· If you kill 7 imps and take their amulets, you will have enough to return eventually to the woodsman.
· Keep following the cliffs route, until you reach the end which is the mountain entrance. Follow the main path up the mountain, and you will go around the backside of the Mountain.
· You will see a door which you need a key to open. The key to this door is held by the Snow Beast.
· Continue around the mountain path to the front, and you will pass two statues after passing the door. Eventually you will make it to the arch, and right below that area is the pub and the fur trader. You can sell the hides that you have collected to the fur trader, and buy Ale in the pub. Go back up through the arch in the mountain again. take you second left on a small path that leads to the top.
· At the top of the mountain is the snow beast. Use a few blast arrows to dispatch him, and grab the key from his carcass. You can take a shortcut to the Mountain Cave door by jumping off the back edge of the top of the mountain right next to the Snow Beast’s cave (to the right ).
· Enter the Mountain Cave and follow the path inside until you make it to a lower cave area. You will be standing on a ledge. If you look down to the right, you will see a Green Troll.
· Hit the Troll with the blast arrows and then tap his carcass. He has the Burning Rune, which you will want to use later in the game.
· Follow the lower caverns until you find a door – this is the door to Sytheria.
· Try to avoid Lizard Soldiers as much as possible – they are extremely powerful. Orcs are easier to kill.

Returning the Ravensword

· When you enter Sytheria, jump across the lava and there is a small opening between the rocks. When you walk through, there are two very large pillars. Behind them is the small building containing the Ravensword, and the Ogre that is guarding it.
· Hit the Ogre with blast arrows until it dies, then take the Rune of Winds. You have enough Runes to open the door to the building containing the Ravensword.
· Walk up to the door and it will open with your Runes. Take the Ravensword, and return to town with the homing amulet. Equip it in your backpack, it is the most powerful Melee Weapon.
· Visit the Magic Shop, recharge your runes (you’ll have all 3 now) and equip one by using it in your inventory. It will be added to your toolbar. You can test them in the Graveyard on some of the zombies or skeletons.
· Go back to Otis’s Crypt and he will give you the Amulet of Flame. This is what is needed to defeat the Demon Lord. You will need to venture back to Sytheria then. This this time, take the forest path and visit the Woodsman.
· You can sell him the Imp Amulets, and get some gold. He will also buy the extra amulets that you have.
· Enter the Dungeon and keep going straight on the path until you reach the door to Sytheria. Follow the lava river until what looks like a 4 way junction. You will see smoke stacks rising, follow those until you reach the Demon’s Tower. The door will open with the Amulet of Flame.
· Climb all of the way to the top of the staircase, just keep going all of the way up until you reach the top.
· The Demon will be standing next to the Pillar of Flame. Equip your Ravensword, and walk up to the Pillar of Flame. It will set the Ravensword on fire.
· When it is on fire, you will be able to inflict damage to the Demon. Be sure to have plenty of health potions or honeycombs to use while fighting the Demon with the Ravensword. When he dies, grab his head and return to Otis by using the homing amulet shortcut.
· Otis will now tell you that there is a way to free the king – by the way of Sir Robin. Find Sir Robin in the Talon Cliffs (he is standing next to a campfire) He will be happy you have the Demon’s head, and will ask you to meet him at the Castle.
· Before going to the Castle, be sure to have as many Blast Arrows as possible. Find the Castle Exit in the town – its to the right and north of the Graveyard Exit. You can also find it on your map in your inventory.
· As soon as you enter, you will see a Rock with Sir Robin standing in front of it. If you talk to him, he will leave because he is too afraid to participate.

Finishing the Game

· Follow the passage leading into the castle, and dispatch the Ogre Guard with the blast arrows.
· Take the Castle Key and enter the Throne Room. Once inside you will see King Sorin and two Demon Knights.
· The easiest way to defeat them is to use the Burning Rune in combination with attacks the Ravensword. When they die, you have completed the main story of the game!
· Now if you want to continue to level up you can go back and look for other enemies to kill. You can also enter the meadow and complete Torbin’s Bee Mission, which will give you more gold and more honeycombs.
· You can repeatedly do the sheep herding mission, which will give you plenty of gold each time you complete it.
· If you go back to the cliffs, there is a secret area that contains the Mega Troll. This troll will require 60 blast arrows to kill, but will be an instant level up.
· When you are leveled up to around 50 or 60, you can jump extremely high, over houses, ruins, trees, etc

You cheat!

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  • Tim

    Must . . .resist . . .reading!

    But seriously, I really want to know where that damn rune or singing or whatever it’s called is.

    Also, is there some way to activate the homing amulet without dying? If so, am I an idiot for not being able to figure it out? Ok, don’t answer that last one.

  • Tim

    Ok, I’m a tit. I must have been trying to use the imp amulet as a homing amulet or something.

  • noname

    u gotta finish the quest with sofie :)

  • Tim

    Yeah, I finally got the rune and went to Cytherea. It’s funny, but if you get into the dungeon before you talk to the father she’s not in there and neither is that orc. Anyway, the next thing I did was buy 55 blast arrows and use them on the mega troll . . .little did I know I needed 60 to kill him. ARRGH! That’s about $2,000 down the drain.

  • Tim

    So can you not kill the Mega Troll until the very end? I used 65 blast arrows on him just now and he didn’t die.

    Also, in Nacho’s interview, the devs mentioned a very powerful item in the mountains. Is that not the burning rune?

  • Gonzopoly

    I think this game was amazing. Amazing soundtrack, gameplay, grpahics, xp/skills engine, detail, everything was supreme. I was very, very disapointed in the lack of content though. Once I killed the two knights gaurding the king (they werent even that hard)the king told me thanks and I can explore now. Wooooowwww I was so surprised, waaay too short

  • Jake

    When going to kill the big troll if u get to the rite corner before you enter the toll will only go as far as the cave entrance. Just stay there and shoot him with your bow amd BAM dead troll and empty cave

  • Bas

    I just took care of the mega troll with the blacksmith’s sword. Lmao. I think there is a glitch. Walk into the arena until the megatroll starts moving. Then run out. He will stop at the overhanging rock at the arena entrance. Now move left and jump your way to the top of the overhang. Simply easy your way on top of the megatroll, and slash away for about 15 minutes. Hehehe. Funny.

  • Justin

    Their are actually 4 runes, the burning rune, singing rune, lightning rune and the rune of winds. you can get the lightning rune from this super big chest in the dark forest area. just run around and you will find it. You can get to it through the hut/tomb thingy at the very end of the cemetery.

  • Anonymous

    In the forestlike area after the cemetary with the huge chest I noticed a megamegaTroll that I could never kill. Anyone know a way to kill it or am I the only one that sees it ? I already beat the game and am stocking up on blast arrows for the megamega troll. If noone can help me with the mega mega troll than do you know a good way to earn money For the blast arrows?

  • Tina

    This game is too short

  • pat

    i like this game. i just finished it, good way to make money is to kill monsters in the place past the graveyard.

  • pat

    i love it how when you talk to sir robin then he says folo me he runs in slow motion :)

  • sophie

    I am still looking for Sophie. i got cell-4-key from a monster was over lava but she isn’t in jail. What the hack!? what’s wrong? please help me if you know

  • Paulo Neto

    staff, I wonder where I find the rune of redemption.
    I’m looking for a long time.
    is to open the door to where this ravensword.
    I thank

  • Dee

    I am in sytheria.. Or whatever… Says i cant open the door till i have the ruin of redemption.. Where is that?

  • gez

    Me3… i’m also looking for the rune of redemption… i already have 4 runes and have killed all the giant orcs… there is nothing left to kill and i cannot get the ravensword or into the castle… how come the guide says that i can complete the game with only 3 runes? is there a bug, where if i get the 4th rune too early, then the door to ravensword does not open? can someone please help?

  • gez

    found out that i’m playing on version 1.1, will try upgrading to version 1.3. Maybe 1.3 has solved the bug.

  • gez

    ok, v1.3 did solve the problem. no need for rune of redemption anymore.

  • Paulo Neto

    I was playing the version 1.3 and still need the rune of redemption …

  • Alek

    I can’t find the wind rune. where is it?

  • Alek

    Ok I’ve beeten the game and have killed the uber ogre about 50 times but I can’t find the wind rune. Does anyone know where it is

  • AmazingRuss

    The rune of redemption does not exist. It’s something that comes up when the app detects a pirated version of the game.

  • Daniel

    Fuck, I suspected it, the rune of redemption coming up as a way to stop pirating. Thanks for clearing that doubt for me

  • Andkon

    Sometimes, particularaly on a mountain with a slight slope, you can jump, and then swipe your screen left and right continuously, this allows u to “climb” the mountain. It takes a lot of time though. I got to the top of the castle!!

  • Andkon

    maybe not swipe, just move ur finger left and right continuously, u will get up slightly. LOlz, I beat the game without the ravensword. I used that glitch and climbed over the wall of the castle, used my blast arrows at the orge, and entered the castle and killed both knights, without even getting the ravensword–how ironic since the title is called ravensword