Radius review

Review by Nigel Wood

There are quite a few games for iPhone available at the lower price bracket of around $0.99-$4, and to be honest, most of them are what I call shovel-ware. Games that didn’t require much care and thought to create, with the main aim to make a quick buck. I guess these developers think that people won’t mind plopping down a few dollars for a game, no matter how bad it is. But I just call it lazy, it’s not good for gamers and it certainly isn’t good for iPhone gaming as a whole.

Thankfully, Radius, isn’t one of these games. Currently selling for just $1 dollar App store link >, it’s a real gem of a game.

Radius, created by Pattern Making Co, takes place on a globe, and the object of the game is to survive an onslaught of enemies which are trying to take it over. It features a really simple ‘drag and tap’ gameplay mechanic.

Using your fingers and thumbs, navigate the globe by spinning it in any direction. If you find an enemy simply tap it’s centre to kill it, that’s it. During play you’ll hear a sound notifiying you of any enemies that have appeared on the globe. Each enemy sends out a shockwave from its centre, which slowly moves across the entire globe until it reaches the other side. Your job is to track down it’s centre and destroy it before this happens… if the enemy succeeds, you lose health, which is displayed around the circumference of the globe. There are variations on these enemy’s, some shockwaves are different, and some need multiple tapping to destroy. Power-ups are available to you, which you’ll need to search for and tap to activate. These include; a cluster bomb, which kills anything on the globe; and a slow time powerup, which slows the shockwaves of the enemies, giving you more time to search and destroy.

One of the main areas this game shines, is in its slick presentation. The graphic style is very minimal but beautifully rendered, reminding me of current Playstation Network games like ‘Flow’ and ‘Everyday Shooter’.

Sound is also subtle, but very well implemented, with synth like pops when you tap an enemy, and techno like blips and bleeps when they attack. An ambient music track in the background would be a nice extra, however (The developer has promised this for the next version).


Presentation & Graphics: 9

The graphics are simplistic, yes… but it’s all done to such a super high sheen. Tutorial is nicely presented too! Very slick!


Sound: 7

Sound is kept to a minimum, but what is there fits well with visuals. No music currently, which if it was the right kind, would add to the overall experience.


Gameplay: 9

The game controls well, and is a perfect fit for iPhone. I found the game very addictive with it’s survivor style play, the ‘resume’ option lets you play where you left off, which is very ‘pick up and play’… great for train & bus journeys. 


Game life: 8

Depending on your taste, this game might not be for you, but for high score/survivor enthusiasts this game won’t get old. In the next version, the developer plans to add a global high score table, which I think will add even more to its longevity.


Game rating: 9/10

Final word

This is how you make a budget iPhone game! Love it!

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