Radial 50 review

There are a ton of Breakout and Arkanoid clones on the AppStore, from official licensed versions to stylised and 3D re-imaginings. Radial 50 from RoundThird interactive is one such game, but it brings a welcome refreshing feel to that genre that the others have missed.

On starting the game for the first time you are asked to set up a profile, you can add your own avatar from your photo library or take a picture, this is then added to your online profile, pretty neat. This profile is then used to keep track of your scores.

Once in the game you are presented with a circular play field with your bat around the outside edge. Controlling the bat is a simple swipe of the finger up and down the right hand side of the screen, just like Peggle. The bricks are arranged in circles too, ranging in size and colour and fill the play area almost up to your bat. The object of the game, and each level, is to reach the centre of the circle by destroying the bricks and creating a path, once you reach the centre you activate a diamond, which you must then hit… this is made difficult by the bricks you destroyed before slowly rebuilding around the diamond. Hit the diamond and you end the level and it’s on to the next. Unlike most games of this ilk, should you miss the ball it remains in play, and instead of you losing a life (or ball in most cases) you lose health from your health meter. However, survive long enough and your health will replenish itself like Halo’s Master Chief.

Within the game are the usual powerups of super balls and large bats, activated by hitting a certain coloured brick. Each time you hit a brick a particle is emitted, which you can scoop up with your bat for bonus points. Some powerups however, work against you, such as the screen going black so you can’t see! as well as some nasty gravitational trickery that ended my best run of 6,507,160 points at round 23.

When it’s game over it’s back to square one, but not before be able to post your score directly to twitter and facebook fro bragging rights, as well as check out the global leaderboards and the list of achievements you earned.

Presentation and graphics
Slick interface with a contemporary look and feel of clean and simple neon shapes over bright graffiti style backgrounds.

Pumping house and techno fits the style perfectly


Takes breakout to the next level, with intuitive Peggle like controls and addictive ‘can’t put down’ play

It’s arcade like in it’s gameplay with you going back to square one, but with facebook and twitter connection plus achievements to unlock, you keep coming back for one more go.


On the podcast I underestimated it’s appeal after only a few plays, but after a few more goes I can safely say that Radial 50 is a super slick game. It looks great, sounds great and plays great. It takes the tried, tested and over done formula of Breakout/Arkanoid and brings it slam bang into the 21st century. At just $1.99 you should go buy it and try and beat my score (which you will no doubt trounce!) If you are still not convinced then you can try out the lite version here.

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    wow. looks cool. i like these types of games.

  • Rock $ Rolla

    :o ols pretty awesome.

  • Nacho Andrade, USA

    you sold me, I’m buying it now.

  • Ben Briggs

    Looks great, much like the breakout style game that’s available on current click wheel iPods. It’s great to see new innovations in the breakout genre, Reflexion is a great example of this as well – you draw your own paddle anywhere you want it to be, which is pretty awesome.