Rabbids go Phone review

The Rabbids (the pesky aliens from Rayman) make their iPhone debut with ‘Rabbids go Phone’. A companion game/app of sorts to Ubisoft’s Wii and DS game ‘Rabbids go home’.

The game is pretty simple. Using the iPhone’s abilities such as touch based gestures, the mic and the accelerometer, you must unlock moves for your on-screen Rabbid. The Rabbid appears to be trapped in your screen and he’ll happily stand there screaming and jumping at you. If you play some music from your playlist he’ll start dancing and at anytime you can manipulate him to do moves. Pinching the screen for example and you’ll squeeze his belly and he’ll let out a huge burp. Turn the screen and he’ll fall onto the wall of that side, which now becomes the floor, or shake the screen and he’ll slam into the walls. There are 18 moves to unlock in total, and all require your input in some way. He’ll give you tips at times to help you, but some are still hard to pull off.

rabbid2Unlocking the moves in turn unlocks content on your phone. These include promo movies from the full Wii game, Wallpapers for your iPhone, and a cartoon strip.

The games graphics and animations are it’s high point. While they feature just a basic environment for the single Rabbid, the Rabbid himself is nicely rendered and features great motion captured animation that is often downright hilarious.

While some of the motions are funny enough to keep you amused, the majority of the game is a one trick pony, and you’ll likely only play it once or twice. This isn’t the debut we were hoping for from Ubisoft, and would have preferred a fuller experience in-line with the Wii and DS offerings.
Think of this instead as a one-off fun app than a game, and you won’t be so disappointed.

For those reasons it’s a hard one to rate. As an app it’s a fun little time waster, as a game though it’s really not up to par with what iPhone and iPod Touch gamers have grown to expect.


Rabbids go Phone is out now for $0.99 (59p)

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  • Fabrizio

    I hope they can develop this awesome app also for the touch NOKIA 5800 XM !!!!

  • Dieter

    i want that it comes on the nokia symbian phones =( really!!! my friend has it on his ipod touch :) tooo nice!!!