Quitit Review

Ah yes, I remember it well, being 10 years old sitting in the back seat of the family car while on a long road trip to somewhere. What do you do to pass the boredom, why torture your siblings of course! What soon followed was you poking while your siblings would shout, “Quit it!”. Yes those were good times, and I would love to relive those moments again. Fortunately, there’s an app for that.

2n Productions has introduced us to a lovely little game they call Quitit. The game takes place on the set of a live TV show starring a sad-sack of a blue lump named lumpy. Your job in this game is to poke lumpy for the crowd’s entertainment.

quitit-screenshot-2As you poke things fly out of lumpy including coins. Collect these coins and you are able to buy more pokers and gifts to torture Lumpy with. Different pokers will have different effects on lumpy including different sounds and varied things flying out of his mouth.

In addition to poking, you are also able to buy lumpy gifts. These are gifts which he thinks will be great, but then when opening them they turn out to be rather horrible and are guaranteed to make a tear come to Lumpy’s eye.

The Good

Quitit does a good job of satisfying the deep need to annoy someone or something. Your brain release some type of pleasure hormone as you poke lumpy over and over again. His responses are satisfying and entertaining. Even when your not poking him it’s fun to watch him quiver in fear.

The Bad

quitit-screenshot-4Everything in this game centers around Lumpy. Graphically they did a great job creating him, and his expressive personality, but there isn’t too much more to the game. You may get to see different parts of the set depending on when you play, but overall the animation and graphics are the same, although well done. You do see some some different things when you buy different pokers, however these don’t last long, and it’s hardly worth putting the time in to earn one you’ve already seen again.

The Bottom Line

Quitit is fun for a few laughs, but doesn’t have much staying power. To get more pokers you need to torture lumpy quite a bit. As this gets a bit repetitive I just found myself tapping on my iPhone while watching TV or standing in line, not watching his reactions anymore. After seeing all the pokers there really isn’t anytime more to see in the game. Occasionally, however it is fun to go in and poke lumpy, but never more than a few minutes at a time.

Presentation & Graphics
The graphics in this game are great, I love lumpy and his reactions.

The sounds are the reason this game is fun, I love the voice of lumpy and the music. Every now and then you will hit the jackpot and get a lot of coins, the sound of this, and the crowd are very rewarding.

The game is fun, although simple.

You won’t be playing this game very long, you can buy new pokers and gifts, but their appeal is limited.

Game Rating
QuitIt is a lot like candy you buy in while standing in line at the grocery store, very sweet and satisfying, but only for a short time.

QuitIt  ($2.99)


The developers 2n have released a statement from Lumpy to our readers:

Lumpy wants to let everyone here at IPGN know that the update to QuitIt!, Episode 2, is in full production. It’s running a bit late because the guys at 2n have been listening to suggestions from the community to improve QuitIt!

Lumpy’s excited to announce that there are 2 mini-games coming in the update. There are also new ways for you to interact with him beyond poking. He also says there’s a special Gift that’s a secret at the moment. And there’s more stuff to be revealed!

Lumpy says to check out his blog at for the latest deets on the update. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions for him!

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    Looks good, i am really feeling the urge to annoy someone right now.


    By the way nacho you said should instead of shout in the 8th line. Are you annoyed yet???????