QuantZ HD iPad review

Since I purchased my iPad I have been playing mostly full 3d action games, so when QuantZ came in for review I was looking forward to playing a nice relaxed puzzler. When I saw that it was actually a pretty original concept I was more excited.

QuantZ is kind of like a piece matching game, but played on 3d cube like structures. Obviously this adds some interesting twists to the basic matching game play. The staples are there, meaning pieces fall from above, but having to twist and manipulate the level to make sure the pieces match up is a lot more challenging then just making sure they fall in the right row. Not to mention, seeing a puzzle game on a 3d plane is much more enjoyable on the eyes then just staring a flat screen.

The objective in QuantZ is, as you might expect, to match all the pieces of the same color. You do this by aiming landing falling balls so they land next to pieces of the same color. When you are looking down you see a little target indicating where the piece is going to land. Since you can rotate the level and place the piece anywhere you want, this is incredibly helpful. Another cool twist is that if you set up a 4 piece match and sandwich a piece of different color is will make a fireball that can be directed anywhere on the level, and destroy any of the pieces of the same color that it touches. If done correctly, you can use the fire ball to combo into another fire ball, and so on. This makes for some pretty epic scores, and sometimes it’s possible to beat a level with only one piece. The satisfaction pulling of a combo like is some of best I’ve seen in a puzzle game, because you do not just drop one piece and watch the combo happen, but you have to actually aim to keep your combo alive.

There are 3 main game modes in QuantZ HD. There is the Action mode, that is all about getting as much points in each level as you possible can. Then there is the Strategy mode, where you see the piece that is coming up next, and the goal is clear out the level using as few balls as possible. The last is the puzzle mode, and this gives you a bunch of predetermined levels to play through.

quantz1The one complaint I have about QuantZ HD is the same problem I have with most puzzle games, and that is that it gets pretty repetitive. I enjoyed for an hour or so, but after I found it tedious. Sure, there are tons of levels in the game, but the core game play remains the same. Even though the game is innovative in its respective genre, it’s still a matching game, and no matter how you much you tweak it, it still loses the novelty fairly quickly.

The graphics in QuantZ HD are not too shabby, but there is something about them that looks a little bit off. It’s got nice backgrounds, but the actual game play area could look a little bit better. There is a certain blurry quality to the up-res job, which is unfortunately something I have been seeing too much of on the iPad. The sound is very good; definitely much better then graphics, because obviously, there is no up-resing of music, so it holds the quality of QuantZ on other platforms.

Overall, QuantZ is a very original puzzle game, but the fact of the matter it’s still a puzzle game where you have to match colored objects, and that gets boring pretty quickly no matter how many modes they throw in. If you really like puzzle games, this is one to check out, even though the up-res job on the iPad isn’t amazing, it still doesn’t look bad.

Final Rating


Quantz HD is out now for $4.99

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    Hey Dave, you’ve actually done more work then the others since the ipad launch. :) keep it up !! your reviews are pretty good.