Puzzle Path review

Some games just hooks me completely, and I play for hours until I get stuck completely. Puzzle Path is such a game that I just couldn’t put down when I first started it. Now I am stuck on a level, and I can’t seem to progress anymore. Frustration makes me want to just erase the game from my iPhone, but at the same time I want to beat it. Puzzle Path comes with 175 levels, and it takes a solid brain to puzzle the life out of it.

img_9007Puzzle Path is a game that to some extent resembles the game Mazefinger by ngmoco, but where Mazefinger is an arcade game Puzzle Path is a strategic puzzler. You have to clear all the tiles between the start and crown to finish. Initially it is really easy but soon new obstacles such as locks that demand keys, one way tiles, teleports and bombs. You trace the path with your finger, and the game allows you to lift your finger to ponder your next move. If you can’t complete the level the game tells you that you failed. Or at least it tries to. At times the errors are of the kind that it seems unable to understand as a failure. For example when I have used a teleport, and ended up in a dead-end it won’t tell me. It is easy to reboot the level by an onscreen restart button.

Puzzle Path looks quite good with level backgrounds based on the seasons. It is at times hard to quickly spot where there is a wall between tiles, and I at times scold it when I run into a dead-end.

The music is surprisingly good with a definite ambient electronica vibe, and it suits the game perfectly. It is both calming and stressful at the same time, strange indeed. You can play your own music if you prefer.

img_9009There are two game modes: Free play that lets you play the levels in order from 1 to 175, and Time Attack where you have to complete a set of levels within a time. You have to complete a level to progress to the next, and this is my biggest gripe with it. If you get stuck there is no way to get past the level. I would have liked to have some sort of level skipping option. AGON online leaderboards lets you compare your times against the rest of the world.

Puzzle Path is a stylish puzzle game that combines polished presentation with some fiendishly hard challenges. Be prepared to get stuck somewhere, and if you are like me you will probably hate the game for being too clever for you. Puzzle Path gets a definite recommendation from my whimpering grey lump of lard.

Final Rating


Puzzle Path $1.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Funburger Korea Co Ltd

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    i suck at puzzle games.

  • Mick

    Thanks for the review! In future updates we’ll allow the player to unlock more levels at once!