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Concentrated Orange


Continuing my long-held tradition of completely misinterpreting game titles, I went into this one a bit anxious about how I would write a review of an app that allowed you to access the code that would allow you to switch mobile phone provider. Turns out ‘PUK’ the game has nothing to do with a PUK Code. Who knew?

’PUK’ is a fast-paced arcade puzzler where you, the noble player, must destroy different sized circles on one side of the screen by shooting at them from the bottom of the screen with a smaller circles. The game description makes it sound a bit more fancy than that, replacing ‘circles’ with ‘portals’ and ‘shoot’ with ‘pull back and ping’, but I’m not as sophisticated as all that. I’m a council estate lad.

As you pull back at the bottom of the screen and aim, a timer counts down. Clear the area of those ‘portals’ (whatever) before time runs out, and it’s onto the next level. Complete as many levels as you can in a single run, otherwise it’s lights out. And trust me, when you’ve gone on a ten stage roll only to be dumped back onto level one, it hurts.

‘PUK’ wins the award for the most orange game on iOS. Just look at that screenshot, I dare you to find a game more orange than this. Even the newly released ‘Orange Ninjas: The Orange Version’ doesn’t compare. And if you’re thinking that game doesn’t actually exist, you’d be quite right.

It’s also a super-clean and unpretentious gameplay experience. It’s so simple that it’s hard to find fault with. Perhaps having to tap twice to pause in the middle of a frantic session could be described as questionable design at best, or lead to a mild form of RSI at worst. And some might find heading back to the beginning level after each death a little annoying, but hey, that’s how videogames used to be a few years back. Man up.

Otherwise it’s classic arcade stuff – fast, addictive and easy to get into. Mellow electronic tunes are accompanied by bubbles which although simple, still burst attractively like fireworks on Guy Fawlkes night, or the bins that are set on fire outside my flats when the local chavs are bored. Like I said, council estate.

All in all, it’s hard not to love. And with that being said, I do. Just kidding of course. Time to sip on some orange juice.


‘PUK’ is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for £0.69. Get it now on the PUK - Laser Dog

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