Pudge: Quick review

pudgeBy Nigel Wood

Pudge is a cute little game where you must guide a little fish creature through an endless level of underwater obstacles, including rocks, stalagtites, stalagmites and many types of fish such as jelly fish and squid. Your goal is to last as long as you can without touching anything, to control your fish you must tap and hold the screen to make him swim up, and let go for him to sink down. You are constantly balancing the two to get him where you want while the levels scroll by.

pudgeThis style of gameplay is very similar to Yoshi’s touch and go on th DS, albeit with less to do. The main problem with this game however, is it gets too hard too quickly. The game should ease you in and let you get your waterwings as it were. This would give you a stronger sense of achievement, but instead you may only survive a few seconds, which can get frustrating and may put you off altogether. If you persevere there is fun to be had, albeit a short and shallow experience.

There is a fun multiplayer option that may give the game more legs. Playing on one device, the game splits the screen in a mirrored fashion, where you must go head to head, with the winner being who gets furthest. I found it easier too, with less objects to hit on the outset.


Presentation and graphics
Nice looking 2D art with cute fish characters. Nothing to blow you out of the water though.


Usual underwater sounds, including a fun beach style soundtrack… get’s a little repetitive.


Fun at times, though many will find it a shallow and frustrating experience. The difficulty results in short play sessions


There’s your own score to beat, plus the multiplayer adds some longevity, but not much else beyond that.


Final game rating

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