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I consider myself an educated man. I spent six years at University studying the mind, learning and English literature. Heck I could probably have pulled off pipe smoking, and talking gibberish sporting a goatee. Still with all this education, all this sophistication there are games that turn me into a mere reactive shell. Watching a ball bounce around in games like Peggle has that effect on my mind. I have to follow the ball, watch it and do it all over again to look at all the shiny lights. Much like the obsessive interest a fly has to get to the light bulb in an otherwise dark room. My educated brain gets reduces to that of a fly playing Puckerz!, and both the fly and me love it.

img_3306Puckerz! is a timed combination of Breakout and Peggle. Instead of having a bottomless pit at the bottom to fall out at there are black holes, and bombs punishing you by reducing the time left to play. Time is added when your puck picks up shiny orbs, and smash glowing bricks. A meter at the right hand side of the screen shows your progress towards the goal of the level. After that you can try to attain the gold medal by getting it all.

The controls are straightforward. Just touch the puck, and drag backward to aim and set power. Release, and watch the puck bounce around. Repeat, repeat, repeat. There isn’t much for the player to do in the game, and most of the time is spent watching. There is a slight delay after the puck stops, and you can take the next shot. I would have liked an indication to when I can start the next shot, as I waste time removing my eager finger and retrying the shot.

The game is quite zoomed in, and it is hard to get an overview on where there are orbs left to aim for. You can pan around between shots, but as that takes time it is more often better to just blast away. A mini map or an arrow indicating where orbs can be found would have helped making the game more about skill than luck.

img_3324The presentation is shiny, glowy and full off sparkling lights. Just like Breakout and Peggle this is crack for the fly mind that occupies your grey mass of lard. The level selection screens are quite boring, and hard to tell how far you have gotten in the game. Only six levels show up per screen of the 30 available.

The music is awesome with some really nice chill out techno going on. Sound effects are decent, and even thought there is a lot of repetition as the puck bounces around I don’t find it grating. You can play your own music, and still keep the sound effects.

With both Game Center, and OpenFeint integration Puckerz! has the online connectivity covered. Achievements and leaderboards are included. I would like to see some kind of multiplayer to let my fly brain compete against others.

Puckerz! is an excellent time waster, and can be really relaxing to play for both short and long sessions. Great polished graphics, and one of the best soundtracks in an iPhone game definitely makes it something well worth getting. The gameplay is somewhat limited in scope, but just like with Peggle it works. Get it, and let your inner fly come out and chase the light.

Final Rating


Puckerz! $0.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Groundbreaking Games

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  • Allan

    Love it! Thanks for the awesome review! :D