Proporta Ted Baker Galaxy S3 cases review

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Proporta has been cooperating with different artists, and fashion houses for years, and Ted Baker London is one of these collaborations. Ted Bakes is a fashion designer with a lot of edgy, and modern prints and designs. These translate really well to the small canvas of a case for our favorite electronics devices. And the Samsung Galaxy S3 has definitely got one of the best regarding both look, and protection.

A hardcase that has a soft coating making it have good grip, and a nice sensation to in my hand. It is a surface material that Proporta has used for a couple of years, and it just gets better. Especially paired with the light weight Samsung Galaxy S3 that enhances the light feeling.

For protection the case fully covers the back, sides and has raised edges along the sides of the screen. The screen is of course the most vulnerable part of the S3, and I think you should use a screen protector with this kind of hardcase. Still the raised edges means that you can place it screen down on a table without the screen making contact with the surface. If you want to use the function to end incoming calls by placing the phone on a table this is imperative.

All functions are available when using the case, and I think the added grip actually enhances functionality. Furthermore having cover around the volume, and silent button means that you are much less likely to accidentally press any of them.

What matters most when you invest in a designer case is that you really dig the artwork. There are a couple of cool ones to choose from. The one I got to try is the psychadelic stag embroidered Jasone. The entire case is done in a horned fashion enhancing the print. All cases come with the small Ted Baker London plaque on the back showing the brand name, and enhancing the stylish look.

The Proporta Ted Baker cases are quite expensive, but considering that these are made to last and looks great it is quite a good investment. The cover will last without the print wearing off, this I know after using one of these for the iPhone 4S for about three months. The hard part is deciding on what style to go for.

Final Rating


Ted Baker Siman at $26.95


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