Proporta Leather Case with Aluminum Lining iPhone 5/5S review

A great case just got better, and now it only misses a name that rolls of the tongue.

The Leather Case with Aluminium Lining keeps improving with every iteration. The only thing that doesn’t improve is the name of the product that is more of a description than a name. I would have liked Proporta to give it a proper name, as is common practise from other manufacturers. If I could choose a name it would be something like Flipper or AluFlip. Or perhaps something completely different using place names like The Sussex or The Oxford.

The name issue aside this is a high quality design featuring the great impact protection that a sheet of aluminium inside the front provides.  An interior plastic case encapsulates the iPhone 5/5S snugly. It gives the same protection that a snap-on case gives by itself, and covers the back and sides. The exterior leather covers the back, bottom and front. The leather is soft, and thin with a nice feel to the touch. Inside the front a sheet of aluminium has been sewn in to maximise screen protection. The case is light despite having three materials used.

For protection it is awesome, and the only vulnerable spots for scratches are the openings around the volume controls and top. When closed the case provides excellent impact protection. The magnet at the top keeping the case closed is strong enough to keep it shut, but still easy to open. I like how seamlessly it closes too.

When using the phone inside the case you get the usual issues with a front flap. You have to fold it behind the phone if you don’t want it to hang in your face when making calls. I also prefer to fold it back when playing games. Thankfully it is easy to fold away, and it doesn’t get any ugly crease marks in the leather.

Where the improvement is most significant compared to earlier models of this case is in the looks. It looks sleek, premium and both cool and elegant. This is done with cool contrast stitching along the sides, and a nice looking Proporta brand name plate on the front.

The Leather Case with Aluminium Lining from Proporta is a classy high protection leather case that works well in most environments and situations. And it all comes at an affordable price.

Final Rating


Leather Case with Aluminium Lining at $39.95

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