Proporta Leather Case Galaxy S4 review

For those who need a sheet of aluminium to protect their screens.

The Leather Case from Proporta has had more or less the same design the last couple of years, but with the S4 it has changed quite a bit. For one there is a hardcase that you mount your phone inside. The basics are still the same with a heavy duty front flap with a sheet of aluminium sewn into it. This is one of the best screen protections you can have, and it can withstand insane amounts of abuse. The screen will probably hold up quite well if you run it over with your car, but the rest of the phone will be crushed.

Inserting the phone into the snap-on hardcase is easy, and you have complete access to the screen. When the case is closed you have full access to power buttons, volume controls and charging socket. The headphone socket can be used despite the cut-out being quite small. This is achieved with some extra wiggle room above the phone. You can´t bend the front flap completely behind the phone with headphones though. Without headphones inserted the flap is easy to keep behind the phone, and I haven’t had issues using the phone in manner be it taking a call, or playing a game.

The design is quite strict, and conservative. Stylish might be stretching it a bit, but much like a Volvo it is built to last and be comfortable. I do enjoy the Proporta branding on the front, and the white contrast stitches. The striped lining, and beige leather of the interior is perhaps the most stylish bits.

One thing worth noting is the quite brilliant closing mechanism with small pieces with magnets intersecting beside the charging socket. It is childishly fun to snap it shut, and have it close securely every time.

What is less brilliant is the fact that there is not cut-out for the rear speaker in the leather back of the case. There is a cut-out in the hardcase interior though, and it seems like a strange oversight to miss that the sound is muffled without a proper cut-out. Hearing the phone ringing, or playing music is just a muffled mess. A new updated version of the case with a rear speaker cut-out is in the works, and will be launched soon.

The Leather Case is a great case for protection, and conservative style. The highlights are the aluminium in the front flap, and the cool closing mechanism.

Final Rating


Leather Case at $39.95

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