Proporta Gecko Leather Case Galaxy S4 review

Are you ready for the Gecko?

The Gecko is a leather case that uses an adhesive pad to hold your S4 in place. The adhesive can be re-used if you feel the need to remove it, or want to adjust it if you managed to place it a bit wonky. Having just an adhesive pad means that the case is really slim. This is a real highlight of the case, as most leather cases tend to add quite a bit of bulk having some sort of inner hardcase. To users who change cases regularly it might seem a bit of extra work to wash the adhesive to get it grippy again, and aligning it is a bit of a hassle. For those who go all in on one case for months, and even years it is a great companion.

For protection it has the screen, and back completely covered against scratches and bumps. The sides are open, but still protected as the front and back extend slightly to the sides. Overall it offers the same amount of protection, as any leather case with a front flap.

There are some slight issues with the cut-outs, or lack thereof. There is no cut-out for the rear speaker, and you have to remove the phone from the Gecko to use the speakerphone properly. Hopefully this is something that will be fixed with an updated version of the case, as removing it from the adhesive is a bit more of a hassle than just sliding it out of a hardcase.

A cut-out for camera is also missing, and instead you fold the upper part of the back down a bit. This works, but it isn’t as quick and intuitive when you want to take a quick picture. On the other hand the camera is well protected, and you won’t scratch the lens.

The materials used are soft, and I really like the contrast stitching along the edges. The interior has white leather, and overall it looks really stylish. One thing I would have liked is some Proporta branding showcasing that this is a proper brand name case.


The front flap has a leather strap extending from the bottom that hooks up on the back keeping the case securely shut. All functions are easy to access except the aforementioned camera, and rear speaker.

Final Rating
The Gecko is a slim highly protective case that adds both style, and flair. It needs a few tweaks to be a real winner, but for those looking for a sleek companion it is still recommended.

Gecko Leather Case at $26.95

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