Proporta Barbour Quilted Collection Galaxy S4 case review

Want to match your jacket to your phone?

English Proporta is known for great collaborations with artists, and brands. This is a case made from some materials and patterns usually found in jackets from English Barbour.

The Barbour case is a snap-on hardcase with a quilted wallet case attached. It is incredibly easy to insert the S4 into, and you get more than enough protection against drops and scratches. It also means that it becomes quite bulky with both a hardcase, and a quilted front and back.

The exterior is covered in soft quilted fabric that is really pleasing both to the touch, and eye. The lower fourth of the front, and back is covered with leather that makes it slimmer at the lower end. Overall this is a great looking case with definite premium flair. It comes in two versions: blue, and black. The Barbour branding can be found on the lower front leather piece. Other nice leather details are the closure flap at the side, and the area around the camera cut-out. The closing mechanism is tightly secured by a magnet, but it still easy to open with one hand. When using the phone I prefer to fold the front behind the phone to be able to use it with a single hand.

When the case is closed you basically only reach the power button, headphone socket and charging socket. I think it is a shame that there is no cut-out in the front flap to allow you to see the clock, as the case supports automatic sleep/wake. When you open the case you have full access to the screen, as the hardcase doesn’t interfere with the screen estate. You can of course also reach the volume controls, albeit both the volume button, and power button can be a bit hard to operate due to the small cut-outs in the hardcase. One odd thing is that there is no cut-out for the rear speaker making the phone muffled both for music playback, and ringtones. This is highly unusual, and quite disappointing.

The Barbour case can be used as a wallet with two slots for credit cards, and notes. This also adds bulk, but on the other hand you won´t have a wallet to keep track of. The lining has a cool striped pattern, and the credit card slots are made from leather.

The Barbour case is a great all-round case that gives excellent protection, handy wallet functionality and above all a stylish look. The bulk added, and hard to operate buttons are some slight negative remarks. Overall though this is the kind of case that you can use daily until the lifetime of the S4 is up.

Final Rating


Barbour Quilted Collection at $54.95

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