Prism Quick Review

It’s odd that a puzzle game called Prism doesn’t relate to matching colors, or even to prisms for that matter. How refreshing!

Prism is essentially a 3D cross between Jenga and Tetris. Ok maybe not, but kinda. The goal of the game is to eliminate levels of the steadily rising tower by dropping shapes to complete platforms. I can’t say the concept is wholly unique, but it’s executed extremely well, and both looks and feels great when you play. You can rotate the shapes before they drop using either touch controls, or on-screen buttons. Both are equally prism1responsive, and both work very well.

The highlight of prism is the fantastic sound and visual effects. Both really draw you into the game, and keep the intensity level high. You even get to choose between 3 different music tracks in case you get tired of one. There is a second game mode that has you stacking shapes on a slowly lowering platform (rather than rising). When it reaches the bottom, the game is over. I suppose this is in essence a timed mode for the main game.

Presentation & Graphics

Great visuals and effects during gameplay. No lag during multiple chains of effects.


By far the best part of the game. The sound effects work perfectly, and the music is just as good. I love that you can choose between different tracks if one gets old.


Extremely responsive controls and extremelyprism2 fun gameplay provide for surprisingly fun puzzle game unlike one you’ve experienced before. Unfortunately, there is no autosave when you hit the home button are get a call, but the game sessions are short enough to where this shouldn’t be a huge problem


My one complaint is the fact that you can’t enter your name when you submit your high score. What’s the point if you can’t brag about it to your friends? Other than that, the game is very re-playable.

Game Rating

Prism looks and sounds great, and provides a unique 3D puzzle experience that will challenge you and keep you coming back for more. This is the first game to beat out DoodleJump for me for play time over the past few days. It’s a lot of fun, and is a bargain at it’s current sale price of $1.99. Let’s hope they add in personalized high scores soon!

Prism – $1.99 (sale price)

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  • Scott

    This game is awesome, didnt know about it til the lite version had come out. I was instantly hooked.

    The game is like 3d version of tetris thats alot more exciting cause I find tetris boring now. Its amazing this games been out for awhile with very little hype around it cause its really a solid game.

    I dont think the devs are pushing the game much but finally the release of the lite and now a sale hopefully it gets a better look. There could be a few more modes added and a few minor tweaks here and there but for 2 bucks you should definitely pick this game up. Great game to pick up and play.

  • iPGN-Matt

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! It’s very true, there are SO many great games the fall under the radar.

  • Scott

    Ya also great review also Matt exactly my thoughts about the game on every point.

  • Jay

    u guys should do a podcast section on that


    this game looks cool…

  • silentrocco

    Perfect game!

  • Jareco

    I bought this Game, bescause the Lite Version was very Promising.

    However: The Mechanics are fine and dandy, but at some point there is just to muxh luck involved… Depending on which kind of bricks the Game is giving you, you can find yourself totally stuck and piling up to the top, just because you have no choice. Not because you’ve done something wrong.

    Sometimes it’s simply not possible to dissolve layers into oblivion, because the bricks that are given you ar not allowing to do so.

    At that point I deleted the Game. Because that has nothing to do with skills. At this is a real real shame. Because otherwise I really LOVE the Game! It’s a serious flaw in the game mechanics.

  • Kamblad

    I loved the lite version and it´s 2 minute mode. The full version I played like two times before deleting, sadly it lacked the 2 minute mode that was just a perfect diversion.