Press Check review

At times I despair when I see the app store flooded with uninspired match three, sokoban clones and tower defence games. Then there are those games that remind me that there is a world full of talented developers. FORMation is the developer responsible for Kern and Eye vs. Eye, that have had mixed receptions at our site. (Kern review, Eye vs. Eye quick review) Now they continue their Creatives series with Press Check.

img_0108Press Check is a graphical puzzle where you have to align print plates. The amount of plates to align depends on difficulty level, ranging from two to five plates. Every plate has one colour, and you have to get them to align to see the picture clearly. You can move the plates up, down, left and right. You also have to rotate the plates. During the game you can press the preview button to see how you are doing. Once you feel that you have the plates aligned you press the check button and get your score. The score is based on precision of the plates and time left.

This is all there is to Press Check, aligning plates and getting scores. And maybe it is the simplicity that makes the game so addictive.  I find myself retrying over and over as I think I should manage to get 100% alignment. There are also the online leaderboard to contend with. Time flies when playing Press Check, and I still have to make my way onto the leaderboard.

Press Check is a truly unique game, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a puzzler demanding your full concentration. Not to be played when you are tired as it takes your full concentration to master.

Presentation & Graphics


img_0140Graphics are quite simple and functional, and the minimal approach sits well with the theme of the game. That the plates can be separated and still merged is quite cool. Not for those who are colour-blind as you have to be able to tell red and blue apart.



No music and just minimal sound effects. Fades away own music upon start, but you can play your own using the double home button trick.



Simple and addictive, like most great puzzlers. The instructions seem hard to follow at first, but as soon as you try playing you will understand them.



img_0141An online leaderboard, and the pursuit of  100% will give you value for the money. Also nice to have something different to play from time to time.

Game Rating

Recommended to those looking for a puzzle requiring both skill and concentration.

Press Check $1.99

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    Skill and Concentration- two things i highly lack in puzzle games.