Pokemon Yellow hits the AppStore

Millions of monster battling fans rejoice… and then suddenly cry out in terror

That’s right, you didn’t really think it was real did you? Shame on you. It was in fact just another laughable exercise in how Apple allows obvious copyright theft to go unchecked during AppStore submissions. Really Apple? Really?

Here is our own handy step-by-step guide to publishing your own Nintendo knockoff:

1. Submit an App that displays an image of a Nintendo Mascot character.

2. Engineer App to crash on load

3. Wait for Apple to approve App

4. Sit back and watch the profits roll in as poor Timmy from Tonbridge uses his school dinner money to buy said App

Pokemon Yellow is out now for $0.99 (expect it to be pulled any day now). DON’T get it on the Pokemon Yellow - Home of Anime

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  • Pat

    I just tried to follow your link and it’s already gone from the US store but it was there at like 3.

  • Sako Hamilton

    Aww :( Pokemon along with game center for online battling & trading would have been amazing ! Hope Nintendo considers bringing it soon

  • Jordan

    What do I do XD